HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
The Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
by Simon Gerard
Nasca Indian (Inca) Plains

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LINEA 2. Arrival.

A relatively clear and sequential progression from the first ( LINEA 1 ) tableau. The craft is now portrayed as arriving over the earth's terrain, together with a pictoral sub-text of the consequences. It is suggested that the triangular tangental lines forming a massive cross, are navigation features for this craft, and the rear spiral represents the craft exhaust emissions. It may relate to the first celestial image spiral.

Two variations of this pictoral sub-text are presented. On the lower right will be seen some sort of worship and/or petitioning by small entities before a tall one seated on a throne. Note the facial features through the mouth/throat angularity and also the square-like build of the cranial head; this will be seen in later pictural symbols ( as well as the symbology of the figures in the modern-day city centre construction of Oklahoma city, for example. [ c.f September Issue ] ).

Intriguingly, also in the lower right, is a portrayal of a maternity scene. There is a human-type being giving birth attended by a lizard-like creature wearing pronounced head gear. One can only speculate as to what this is; perhaps some sort of medical apparel. ( This scene is also to be located within the terrain and features of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza and ancient Mayan stelae , and it is hoped to provide pictoral analysis of this statement of mine in future editions of this magazine ).

Offsetting this all, is the panoramic background of the surrounding mountain ranges. You will observe a geometric engraving resembling an eye in the illuminated face of one of the slopes; thus creating the impression of a massive creature of the reptilian - alligator - type profile, which we have seen in the first picture above ( LINEA 1). Note how the sunlight sustains the image.

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