HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Fail-Safe Moment in History!
Fail-Safe Moment in History!
by John V. Panella

We are entering the fail-safe moment in history that will bring our freedom!

Two nights ago I had my third dimensional shift in two years. It seems every time these things occur I learn another facet about the celestial mechanics behind these awesome experiences. This time was no different. I had been asleep for quite some time, and I awakened to find myself in what appeared to be a very nice bedroom with new furniture. Nothing at that moment gave way to there being anything out of place during this shift, other than the fact that I once again had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something was not right.

I even asked myself as I had awakened, "does this seem like your reality or are you somewhere else?" However as I glanced quickly around the room I noticed nothing that seemed peculiar or odd. I remember seeing this beautiful clock at the front of my queen-size bed. And I also noticed that the doorway leading to and from this room was behind the head of the bed. Actually I was sleeping away from the door. I took a glance back and saw that the light was on in the exterior of this room leading into a hallway I perceived. I even perceived that my Father was in the next room, which would be quite difficult since he had passed away some 9 years ago now!

As the other times that I had experienced this, I was left there with this strange hidden feeling that I was no longer home. Yet my eyes and my conscious awareness responded to the affirmative, that in fact I was home and everything was familiar and in its rightful place! Immediately I decided to go back to sleep. But this inner voice of mine was telling me different. I opened my eyes back up with this feeling I was in another dimension. At this point I almost decided to get up and walk around and check this place out, but my consciousness was telling me everything was in order and there was no reason to disturb my sleep!

Again I closed my eyes with the absolute intention to go back to sleep when once again this feeling became overwhelming, that I was not in the same dimension. My final time to look around came quickly as I darted my eyes across the room and nothing but nothing seemed out of place or out of order. I simply could not resolve this inner feeling to react on this internal suggestion. Finally I was able to go back to sleep.

There was very little time between the moment I fell back to sleep until I had awakened again. It was at that moment that I laid there stunned as I had realized I really was in another dimension. For the room that I witnessed and the clock and the doorway, along with all the furniture was simply non-existent in this reality. I simply did not own any of these things nor did I live within a place that remotely looked like this. Yet I wondered deep within my mind, why did everything seem so familiar? Why did I not notice that this place was not my home? The bed I was sleeping in was not my bed. The furniture, the clock, everything I had witnessed from the size of the room and the placement of the windows was no where close to the home that I actually live in. Yet while there it was as home to me as where I am at here.

I realize that what I am revealing here may sound a bit strange, and a tad imaginative. Some might even perceive that I imbibed in a little too much funny water. Others may feel I was simply dreaming and only thought I was awake! It is so easy to relegate information like this to its simplest factor, especially that which seems way out concerning the education and science that we have gained in this day and age!

Yet one thing that I most assuredly affirm is that what had occurred to me was as real as my everyday life! It can best be explained by simply saying, if these events were to happen to you, then you would understand exactly, and realize there are really no words to express these moment to convince others. I have found that in my educational process, that the least of my worries is attempting to make believers out of concepts that are actual experiences, especially when they go against the desired technical format of our conscious belief system!

I truly desire sharing these experience's with others because there is no gain in it for me other than the satisfaction that some of you have also entered the world of the unknown, and truly seek peace in the knowing that others have also walked your walk. While the masses remain within their lost paradigm of controlled ideology. There are those few that for whatever reason have been given the privilege to enter beyond the material and into the quantum world of the metaphysical!

What I have begun to learn through each of these wonderful occasions in my life where I have entered parallel realities or illusions, that I have more of a clearer sense about what is truly occurring. From first hand experiences I can truly say that our consciousness is like the software of a computer program. Each time that software operates it is fully functional within the perimeters of its operational mode! In simplifying this, all I can say is that our conscious awareness is no more than a program within a hologram of outer events that we are exposed to!

It appears by what I am learning that our consciousness is only cognizant of the surroundings that are present, as if we are programmed within a hologram to respond to exact features of a particular reality that is stationed at present. However if you were to slip or walk through into another dimension, you would find that the new dimension brings with it new codes upon which a new program operates. This then gives you the belief that this new reality or illusion is your true reality and that where you have come from has now been placed into another formatting device creating only a deep or nagging feeling that something is wrong, missing or out of place. Yet your new consciousness is not able to ascertain this quality. It only perceives what the program device allows it to perceive based on that perspective of the present condition.

As these events occur in my life it is becoming more revealing as to understand that this reality or perceived reality is nothing more than a computer type-program, and we are information units experiencing events from another realm or source of being. In effect, what I am trying to say is, that we are in a virtual reality game experiencing. While the truer aspect of ourselves is gaining increased growth through multiple program applications through various dimensions, times and vessels, which are our many experiences from many differing illusions, of that which we believe is reality!

When one individual by whatever method or means is able to enter these other aspects of our training we instantly take upon the conditioning brought about by the programming into our conscious minds that brings us the belief that this experience is as real as any other experience. And in truth that is quite correct. But while existing within one format we can only consciously be aware of that single format existing at present. Any other information that enters beyond that particular realm we can only bring in through a higher awareness or sub-consciousness or we relegate it all as either imagination, hype, or dreams. These events explain my experiences of those unique but disturbing and nagging feelings that something is not quite right here. It begins to reveal that whatever dimensions we are at we only are able to perceive that particular realm. To be able to witness or perceive another realm we must either enter it as I have done or slip or walk into these other dimensions by some seeming glitch in the system!

Thus bringing me back to the over all revelation of this experience! It is becoming clearer every day that we are all being prepared for an event of grand proportions. I can surely testify that entering another dimension is as a twinkling of an eye. It simply can occur without thought or mind or action. And the new reality or circumstances will easily be brought into our awareness as if we had always been there!

What does all this mean? It reveals that we as a people are only operating at low power. That we belong to a much higher source, and for whatever purpose, we have chosen to be locked into quantum holographs to experience for some over-all lesson and growth. By what all I have experienced, whether you believe it or not, it truly has shown me, that the world that we live in and partake of, this is nothing but an illusion brought about by some higher type computer programming. This may explain even the greater deception of how some feel the need to manipulate others into following a system of their own design. For some how certain one's are so locked within their own virtual game, they have come to believe that this is their only reality. They desire to keep us locked into the illusion creating the effect that we are under a slave type control. When in effect we are free to our own source of power, and nothing can stop the primary data that was programmed into the divine codes which enables all these events to take place, unless we reprogram that data ourselves.

This my friends does appear to be possible if we truly believe that this realm and all other operating realms of training are true realities. It seems that if the illusion of fear is able to paralyze us from accessing our own controls, then certain ones might be able to reprogram events to keep us enslaved for us. However, I am not sure this will ever work due to what I have experienced. It appears through these programs that there are fail-safe operations installed to halt faulty manipulation. I believe what is occurring is those who are attempting to control are writing their own epitaph of failure because they are trying to monkey around with a universal computer that they have no real control over. They only know how to use it just like we can use it. But they were not the ones who designed this perfection of law. And because of this they are unaware that through this process of events that there is a fail-safe toggle key that was connected to the divine purpose, that being, if anyone tries to reprogram the computer to be for their own evil use! Then the universal computer will shift programs, and the controllers will but all disappear while those being controlled will begin again in another reality as if nothing happened. What I am seeing is that the dimensions are there for multiple purposes, one of which appears to be a protection against internal defection!

What the defectors fail to comprehend or simply want to deny it, is each individual in the universe is connected to a higher point of radiant light and liberty. This point could be called, God, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Over Soul. Etc... The illusion that we exist in at present is simply that, it is an illusion. And those who attempt to control the illusion are only creating a greater illusion for themselves, thereby necessitating a program change, both for those involved with the deception as well as with those that are being deceived.

I believe Universal laws dictated free choice, and although, free choice has been manipulated with at times, it will eventually fail due to the highest of all known laws. I believe the correction point occurs at the end of every set of universal cycles. We are coming to the end of the AEON/AGE, and by the ancient documents that have surfaced, it appears that this period in our quest for higher glory, is the END of the 12 houses of cycles, while entering into another set of cycles.

This is the fail-safe protection point for all those who have been controlled by certain one's that actually believed they had the universal right to change the program for others. It will soon be seen that they have made a costly mistake and that freedom shall soon become a reality for all those who have patiently waited for a true NEW WORLD ORDER. One of Peace, prosperity, and divine manifestation within! While those in control of the false NEW WORLD ORDER will simply vanish into their own programming devices, only having to pay back among themselves the penalty they have incurred for their manipulation of the divine computer!

John V Panella

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