HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - A Response to a Racist
A Response to a Racist
by Joseph Gill

Dear rONALD,

In answer to your post below.................

Please quit whining, when the Europeans came and killed 100 million Native Americans and stole ALL the good land and then stole Hawaii from the Hawaiians, that was fine for you, forgive & forget, ah. I am English & German but I also love Mexicans, Vietnamese, Jews, & anyone else that will do this country good. Europeans have screwed up the schools so much we are now one of the most ignorant countries in math, science etc. in all the world. 30 years ago 10% of the graduating PhD's in the USA were foreign, this year it was a full 60%. Most graduating white-European high school students can hardly read and most can not find there way around a world map. Why don't you speak up about that. There is room for ALL and that is what has always made America great, remember Ellis Island and all those Chinese that built much of America's railroads.

What will you do when a much more advanced group of aliens come to Earth, which is eventually going to happen. Are you going to try to kill them to save our wonderful warlike culture? I will do all I can to live with them and learn all I can that they offer.

Personally I think that it would be essential for Americans to travel allot more as I have, (to 68 countries and I lived in Africa, Europe, Asia & North & South America. You would find that nearly all of them would made very good neighbors.

I for one, when in a group always look for the most different looking people to talk to so I may cease the opportunity to learn from them and teach them about me.

Love and understanding is much better than isolation and ignorance. As with the differences between anyone, LET US honor these differences and always learn from others.

I learn something new every day and I hope this will help you learn something today

Joseph Gill

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