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Atlantis on the Moon
By W. T. Samsel

In example, your American Apollo astronauts were not the first to travel to the lunar surface. Utilizing solar and electromagnetic energy, Atlantis sent her lunar exploration vehicles there, many ages in the past. Physical evidence of same, there remains. Apollo 13 lunar exploration would have come close to an Atlantean geological research site, near the area known as Fra Mauru. Apollo 14 did so.

The American lunar exploration program was brought to a close, due to the inability to guarantee that communications and information concerning the ancient Atlantean lunar presence could be effectively censored. -Tiagorrah of Poseidon. 07-16-1998

Apollo 13 was not meant to complete its mission. The present-day Sons of Belial intended for the crew of Apollo 13 to die in space, which more than likely, would have resulted in the discontinuance of the American lunar exploration program. However, NASA did manage to return the crew back home to Earth and the program did continue.

Apollo 14 was then assigned the Fra Mauru landing site and the mission progressed according to plan. However, photographs of the lunar surface taken by the lunar orbiter, as well as photographs taken by the astronauts who landed and walked upon the Fra Mauru site, have been censored and kept from the public' s view.

These photographs show that the astronauts did indeed find ancient remains of the Atlantean lunar research facility at that site. This consists of the remains of a domed, glass-like structure which housed the Atlantean researchers who conducted studies there ages ago. Here is concrete evidence not only of the existence of Atlantis in human history, but that their technology enabled them to travel to the moon ages before our American astronauts first set foot upon its surface. This information will come to light in the not-too-distant future.

-W. T. Samsel and Tiagorrah of Poseidon. 11-21-1998.

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