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The Amazing Symbolography in Cartography
Our Search for the Reptilian Answers and Truth
by Simon Gerard

We have ALL been conditioned through culture and the ages by the elites, to believe that what we see in life is all that there is. A policy to deliberately disconnect us all from within the matrix of life's consciousness - our birthright. Knowledge is power. When we access the real truth we are eventually going to say No! to all of this deceit foisted on us by the power-people. They know it.

Where I have intervened with reports of draco-type national and global architecture which is not only symbolic in itself, but is one reason our COLLECTIVE psyches and bodies become sick - AND ARE MADE TO BE SICK. You are degraded in your potential which is what has been intended at ALL COSTS. Cost - another facet of it; money consciousness which David admirably exposes as part of the process, and which I am not competent to comment on here.

CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW The architecture issue. Let me state for the first time here and as far as I know, apart from Mr Erik Von Daniken, the NASCA INDIAN plains drawings in South America ARE a draco tableau. Those laboriously hand-hewn lines form 3D images on an 2D earth surface of a draco craft flying in, space people walking around, worship of deity ( one looking very Egyptian in physique ), and some sort of operation being carried out on a human, and so on. This is PRECISELY the SAME order and dynamic of the Egyptian images in David's book; Central London; Richmond Park, London; Washington DC, Central Oklahoma City which I have found. In this very small sample of varied sites and locations, you don't have to be a university professor of history to comprehend the timescales and continuity involved. Draco folk must surely have been here. Their consciousness is consequently OUR legacy in ALL OUR spiritual levels of expression. Today.

Why mention getting sick then ? Apart from the obvious concerns and risks with GM foods, nuclear power and so forth ( vital to us all ) there is a more subtle agenda delivering its effects. As a healer, I had to learn about energy and its relationship to, and its dynamic through, matter. Mostly concerning us folk since that was the purpose I proposed for my future aspiration quite some years ago. The spiritual, metaphysical and theological issues were left to my personal reflection as I wished. ( I knew nothing of ancient Egypt/occult, channellings, Wicca, etc as essential to what I practise. Just as well, since my observations on the energy patterns manifesting here as articulted by David and others is fairly independent. ).

Since then, Orthodox science has began to converge with some of the fundamental beliefs of therapies I practise, in that a basic universal motivational force is at work manifesting in subtle and varied ways throughout everything we call matter. Where this force resides in concepts of time and space, the potential exists for matter comprising us to manifest. And so we Are. Each atom, for example, retains a mirror image of this potential as even does light as a finest expression. Fine, so here we all are, and we all just getting along fine at any level of existance we care to select. The natural laws of resonance and harmony. We can even articulate these through music and mathematics - as Mr Plato suggested in his day. All co-exists in matrices, each of which can transcend the other at the right juncture of harmony and resonance. A possibility of time travel, perhaps.

Myriad properties of matter - stones, crystals, water etc, will have various energetic values which we can live with or not, as the case may be. I can't eat stone, nor air. But their energetic proprties do have a bearing on me. It is the recognition of matter's inherent values and relationship to us in the manifest world, which allows us to build a greater potential - synthesis -of these properties for us in whatever ways we chose. We mine for magnetic ores, precious stones, harvest plants, which have been contained by the earth, itself conforming with laws of creation and manifestation; and which in turn has its own harmony and resonance comprising its own material properties. Ley lines and the Hartmann magnetic grid are just one example of cause and effect facilitating resonance and harmony. Energy matrix within energy matrix - ad infinitum.

CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW IF, and I say IF, dracos ever honestly allow themselves to be interviewed or show us their literature etc to PROVE they exist, we will perhaps understand the rationale behind this grisly symbology of our buildings and cities which I have ' discovered ' is so extensive throughout our civilisation. They can't, I believe, afford for this to happen, and so we are forced to review their own subtle methods of dominating us, by detective work of maps.

The ancients in Sumaria and Egypt understood the relationship of matter to energy. Buildings ( matter ) and prayer/meditation were another means of accessing the subtler frequencies of the Creation. Baser expressions of matter were known to have lower vibrational values and so on. The psychology of humans in relationship to our minds and thus bodily control ( hence our vibrational access to, and expression of, Creation ) was also known. The proverbial Joseph and his coat of colours springs to mind, because it was his Aura which folks were then seeing, and which some of us can do even today. I can feel an Aura with my hands - its how I work.

However, the true integration or harmony with life was as natural and normal as can be, way-back-when. Temples etc, with SPECIFIC GEOMETRY, assisted us to access Creation at its subtler levels. The energetic values of the materials used facilitated this through their properties as I've mentioned. Crystals and sound/prayer, together with nature/plant atomic/molecular intervention helped to rebalance - re-harmonize - those who were sick etc.

Essentially, humans related to the Creation at a soul's frequency vibration of ( as I understand ) @ 7200 cycles per second. Our illnesses manifest in for example, bodily cancer masses, at @ 300 to @ 500 cycles per second. Therefore, promoting bodily health and soul connectedness ought to be straightforward for any civilisation desiring true harmony, as well as a group spiritual objective in Creation. It appears to have been the case.

Along came draco ( allegedly ). Apparently superior in intellect and technology, that is to say, superior comprehension of human universal dynamic laws of matter. Dominion occurred of us ( for whatever reason ) as the draco objective, and this is where we have gotten stuck over the aeons of earth-human time since.

Total enduring physical and spiritual dominion based upon draco curtailing ANYTHING we could utilise to access the 7200 frequency vibrational heritage of the cosmos. Our mental/emotional/cultural beliefs were subverted; our bodies manipulated ; our foods; and even our buildings and temples. Absolutely.

All HAD to reflect the draco vibrational consciousness to stop us ' escaping '.

The ancient Egyptian temples are are classic example of geometry and psychological manipulation. In another feature of this magazine, a correspondant more competent at mathematics than me, has PROVED that the Great Rhombus geometry gives a value, in some circumstances, of factor 666. This has an equivalent frequency which is quite dis-harmonious with that of our divine human soul ! The eye of Horus, for example, is a symbological cypher of this fact - and who can own the knowledge. Energy knowledge is therefore power - literally.

So, to the buildings issue. Draco ego naturally requires tribute in the form of graven images of itself. It selects the materials and architectural styles which best advance the corrupting geometry I have declared exists. Ultra-secret Freemasonry appears to facilitate this. The synthesis of energy ( mass ), form and function will create a statement of draco which in turn will, psychologically overwhelm, corral and deplete human essence and vitality.

Precisely by design. And in equal measure suppress your harmonic integration and symbiosis with the earth. This is why our cities CONTINUE to be built in the MASSIVE images of draco. This is why the architecture is so imposing and male dominated - celebrating the style of power, war, hierarchy etc etc ( with the wretched homeless lying around outside, sacrificially-symbolically and literally at the feet of the power-people who built these places )[ Overwhelmed ].

This is why people are conditioned to be at the same ' rat-race ' place monday-to-friday, crowded and stressed in sytematic jobs that mostly serve money-consciousness [ Corraled ]; swamping each other's auras with their competing disharmonies inside buildings which cut across or divert energy lines in the earth ( ever travelled on the UK London Underground Northern Line ? ); that align with winter or ' negative ' universal solstices - c.f. Washington DC Biggest Secret maps.

As for the architecture and street-plan image over the crash site of Diana ? Need I say more ? Please everyone trace my steps and discover these patterns for yourselves. It isn't difficult to do once you know what to look for. Those of you who are acquainted with Feng Shui will appreceiate the energetic principles of buildings - its nothing really new, frankly.

Only things have got a ' draco ' label on it at present.

CLICK PIC for LARGER VIEWA superb old map here and one which perfectly illustrates the point you, Duke, David and me are making about the draco crowd's massive and overwhelming desire for symbolism. Because of its age and significance, you may wish to consider it a primary source of data for proof of global draco influence - particularly when you get to compare its message with that of cluttered London's masonic symbolisms.

Essentially, the tableau sequence is : Navigation to/from Source; Arrival in craft; Location at some designated place ( throne, seat etc) ; Reciept of worship by humans; and offering of sacrifice strongly suggestive of young human or young animal. Other covert images may be blended in to the overall tableau indicating the capture and transportation of young human persons - even foetuses - for return to draco source. This has been quite apparent thus far over here in England. Now let us consider your Washington map.

The symbols identified in the Biggest Secret data are perfectly valid - at their visual level. This is not criticism here, because it was together with David's other photo examples which inspired me to go looking deeper - just out of curiosity let alone research. All credit to you, sir !

So, take a mental step back from this planet, and visualise the diagonal street geometries as a skewered fishing net, which is stretched over the capital's mostly 90 degree-style linear street plans. Consider this net has been knitted to present a specific pattern and message visible from an aerial borne craft of any sort. Space Shuttle perspective, say.

Roughly in the centre and right ( in blue highlight ), you will see the ( box ) Dipper star system tilted in perspective as if one were to approach the city from theright and over an horizon out in space. Whereas, if one flew in from the upper left of the map, one would be looking more or less vertically down on to its astronomical pattern.

The key to all this is to be prepared to visualise a 3D artistic matrix in to which images have been placed in sequence, but necessarily converted into the covert visual limits provided by a 2D map - hence the obvious image of the city which is what we expect to see, and indeed are conditioned to expect to see.

CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWLet us continue. Where one finds a draco, one finds a Dipper star system and vice versa. In this case I have seen the Dipper first. The draco craft is hard-by, but in another perspective. You are now looking either vertically down on to it,or directly up underneath it. It is comprised of a dart ( Stealth Fighter ) shape entering from the middle right of the city map with its nose pointing at the city centre. Here's an interesting point : all David's UFO commentaries report a very unpleasant engine efflux from these things, often visible and quite toxic. The shading of the original map's buildings buildings at the craft rear is strongly indicative of this gas ! The map shading is the key to unlocking the hidden shapes throughout this tableau.

We progress. Turn your map 90 degrees to the left. See the monkey sitting on a seat looking ahead ? Magnify the chap and look for the dragon profile with its little wings in the street design behind it instead. There's your draco right on its throne, and looking at an empty table in front of it. Now re-examine this seat and table arrangement : can you see the side profile of the aforementioned plan-perspective of the delta shape craft - and its delta wing ? Our little draco chap is now the pilot in the cockpit of this thing. Its apparently flying along to somewhere. Off to Earth for a visit, perhaps ?

Turn your map back. We now have the navigation and arrival sequence portrayal completed. Now we ' need ' a worshipper. Look to your yellow triangle outline symbol in the Biggest Secret photoplate. At the map's centre is the city centre reach prior to its route towards the East Potomac river on the left of the map.

Reach being the most appropriate adjective.

Look at theshading of the curved streets around the river's innermost city delta; look at the park and riverbanks. Can you see a Native Indian head lying on its right side, with the darker curved buildings forming a right arm stretching out in front in supplication ? I say ' Indian ', due to one of the linked islands forming a feather shape protrouding ' upwards ' from its head.

In this case, the object of veneration is the draco image supporting the map's black pentangle star. Think of a walrus looking at you - spot the ' face ' ? Its your other draco, or either a slim-looking' Jabba '. Whatever, its out there.

And now the sacrifice - the price of humanity, so to speak. Keep the map as it is designed. Look down to the very bottom of the land promentary where the east river branch commences. There is a small land-based river running to it and the sea. The shape of the coastline and river bank together form a bleeding victim of sacrifice, I submit. Remember, the whole of this city is a tableau for this sort of relationship's episodes - it has been a case here, of the earth's natural resources being adapted and engineered to realise the purpose required of the architect's covert draco-human agenda.

I'm inclined always to ask Why not ? as much as Why ? in these matters of interpretation. The answers are simply fantastic. And there is so much more hidden in here !

Obelisk at St Margarets - County of Kent

Faces from Giza ~ from Peter Larsen

County of Kent, United Kingdom

Symbology of Canterbury Cathedral

More Canterbury Cathedral

Temple wall - Saqqara, Egypt

London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom - map2

London, United Kingdom - map3

London, United Kingdom - map4

London, United Kingdom - map5

London, United Kingdom - map7

Regent's Park, United Kingdom

Mayan Stellae Relief

Nasca Indian Plains - map 1- Source/Navigation

Nasca Indian Plains - map 2 - Arrival

Nasca Indian Plains - map 3 - Exiting Craft

Nasca Indian Plains - map 4 - Dominon

Nasca Indian Plains - map 5 - Interference

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