HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine - Volume 6 - Field-Harmonic Key to the Thoth Tarot
Field-Harmonic Key
to the Thoth Tarot

By James Scott Kimball
05/14/66 5:53 AM, Lewiston Maine

Notice The Feet

Secret Understanding of the Infinite-Grid

WARNING: It seems Aleister Crowley purposefully mixed up some of the Roman numerals assigned to the trump cards, probably to keep people from discovering this Tarot-layout. It might be wise to lay out the Rider Waite deck in a similar fashion to gain some perspective on this.


In my paper, the Thirteen Field-Harmonics of the Kabbalah, I introduced a tarot card layout that I felt symbolically mirrored field-harmonic time-space explicative relation as it related to a field-harmonic system of thought that I felt had been violently purged out of public awareness and exclusively maintained in the endeavor to create a one-world totalitarian superstate. I feel I was accurate in my presentation up until the point where I attempted to introduce a decimal number-system sequence (suit cards) into the layout. It seems to me that those who designed the tarot blinded the system at this level with a symbolic code-riddle. I now feel I have cracked the riddle enough to write this paper.

Please remember, the information that follows is my own interpretation of a complex symbol system from a disadvantaged initiatory perspective. I highly recommend that those who read this paper don't just take my word for it as an "expert" in this field. Those who are genuine experts in this field are trying to kill your individuality, and I don't consider most of the self-professed "experts" who do tarot- readings etc...etc to be any more expert in this area; we've all been duped. The amazing thing about the dupe played upon us is that it is a working system that might be salvaged and made field-harmonically balanced and healthy. I've done tarot card readings myself and am pretty good at it. Now I won't do them until I design my own spectrally balanced symbol system. Please put this paper to the test and if possible return to me some critical feedback.

I chose to utilize Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot for this paper because it seems to me that he really did publish some of "the secrets" in his works in coded fashion, and this code became easy to understand once I discovered how the field-harmonic relative Kabbalah actually worked. I feel that the only cards available that actually reveal a complete reality-explicative system of thought, that mirrors accurately a complete reality explication in nature, have been designed by black-magi (the "good guys" at this level of "know-how" were purged out of our reality long ago). So, in order to study a complete and accurate system of thought on this subject I chose one of their decks in hope that free-thinking people will be able to design complete tarot systems based in spectrally balance field-harmony.

I feel I must also emphasize that I do not advocate witch-hunt activities of any kind. Those who hunt "witches" serve the various "dark masters" they accuse others of serving, and with an unyielding loyalty built upon a loose foundation of repression and absurd belief. The groups traditionally singled out and hunted in this fashion do no harm to anyone, and the groups that actually "have our collective goat" have never been touched by this activity. Free living heals all wounds over time; totalitarianism creates them.


I have chosen to approach the problem of presenting a cross-referenced interpretation of this symbol-system from a layered perspective, beginning from the bottom of the Kabbalistic tree used to arrange the card-layouts. In order to decode this symbol-system, one must be able to see the whole layout and cross-reference symbolic relation with an eye on relative natural process. One must also be able to cross-reference various systems of thought surrounding the various interrelating natural processes, such as quantum physics, orgone biophysics, and psychology. This being a complex symbol-system, I cannot claim all-encompassing knowledge relating to it even after finishing this work; this is the "tip of the iceberg." Given the inherent complexity revealed in the practiced science of holography, the "holography" of cosmic explication must be astoundingly complex. I hope this paper serves as a useful map in the experiential exploration of the "one-light or one-word" manifest through holotropic-informative process. Each base energy discussed in this paper can manifest in virtually an infinite range of natural processes, that can be studied from practically any disciplinary perspective.

I will also lay the cards out in astrological zodiac-wheel fashion, with the Aeon trump card in the center. Some symbolic hints are revealed in this fashion.

I should also warn that these cards represent spectrally imbalanced energies and they do have an affect upon ones nature along those lines. If you don't want to look at the cards this is understood, but it is essential that one lay out the cards to fully utilize this document. I personally have not been ruined by these cards, but have felt influences from time to time. You could think of the elite-magi that run the rat-race as "hard-core alcoholics" and the people who only read the cards as people who "sip on stale beer without realizing it." I should also emphasize that I do not mean to advocate the idea that tarot card readers are somehow "bad," nor the idea that the occult community should be persecuted. I honestly feel that freedom promotes health and that, over time, free people evolve toward their own true potential, and that the study of natural process from an experiential perspective (Gnosis) will always be a valuable part of that evolution.

Top Layer (Astrological Sign Trumps)

12. The Moon

Elementary process sequence number = Twelve (12)

Astrological Sign = Pisces

Planetary Ruler = Earth (more specifically the crystalline iron core of the Earth and of course the consciousness of our Earth Mother.)

Decimal Number = Nine (9)

This card represents the experiential gateway into holotropic-informative process. A gate that has been closed to most western-citizens and only marginally open to those initiated into the elite-brotherhood who rule over the mob that has become western>world-civilization. This card symbolically represents a rather complex expression of solar influence through lunar and Earth-core energy cycles. These cycles influence the behavior of all that live on the surface of the Earth, some of this behavior involving the enlightenment of humans. From what I have learned in my study of human-nature, there seems to be two general forms of "Illumination." The form that presently dominates our reality involves secret-societies who practice what I like to call Illuminism. Illuminism is to Illumination what Communism is to community. It is an artificial construct that poses as the real thing, all the while destroying the natural expression of what it represents, and it manages to do so with "no superstition." Community based in collective expressions of individuality dies in the face of the Communist variant of socialist doctrine, socialism being a modern form of mob-society. In our age, "pirate-captains" control the mobs of entire nations; all modern nations are socialist nations. Socialism destroys real society. So then does one get in the habit of being artificially illuminated by practicing ritual handed down a chain of command. What one does over and over, one becomes.

At our point in world-history, the cycles of nature have been "stolen" from the people with the majority of the people's own cooperation. "They" have almost cut off all approach routes, at least as far as "tradition" is concerned. The only route left for most people is the solitary trial and error route. This solitary route has its dangers, as the elite can spot you and either absorb you or effectively kill you (prisons, homelessness, murder, etc. . . . ). They now have a strong-but-yielding controlling-influence upon the gateway to ones inner sanctums through the energy cycles of the universe.

Part of this control comes about through the pollution of our environment by various means. This pollution effects our reality on a cosmic energy level as much as on a material level, and this effects our thinking and emotions. Nuclear power, centralized electrical power grids, river-dams, trash dumps, water fluoridation, chemically manufactured and processed salt, and microwave transmitters have a devastating influence upon our reality from a cosmic energy perspective. Instead of observing and experiencing cyclic enlightenment we observe and experience cyclic violence, some of which is disguised as "enlightenment."

This pollution finds symbolic expression in this card in the "DORish" (murky) appearance of the card. The cyclic symbology is obvious and polarity is represented by the gate keepers, the male holding a key that emphasizes the line and the female the circle. Masonic architecture is represented by the towers, one for each side pillar. The Priestess' menstruating lap represents the middle pillar as it appears from material perspective. Those nine "wavy symbols" represent the first nine field-harmonics (Aries through Sagittarius) which are The Priestess (the Grail). The bug (your average mason) is the new initiate who grasps the basic secrets behind the creation of the atom and reality, if only in a compromised philosophical fashion (mystic-ism). Notice the symbolic design of the sun symbol he carries. The trail he follows is far more prepared and controlled than he realizes; he is essentially joining an "approved of" mind-control "cult." The "disapproved of organizations" being mind-control cults in the eyes of the mob-population because of "their" influence. They demonized the word cult for their own reasons. We use this word as a "good" root-word when we speak of culture. But for some reason cult has become "bad." We might do well to throw away our dictionaries and learn about our language by cross referencing root words. The "pathways" of "traditional" Kabbalistic doctrine strike me as being an astral plain "habitrail mouse-cage" that doesn't allow for any astral freedom at all. And, of course, if you happen to be one of the "unapproved of," you will not be allowed to enter, and if you persist you will be torn to pieces by those dogs ("the wolf" symbolizes "hung-up" Aries).

On the opposite side of the zodiacal wheel is The Hermit and The Magus, indicating that this path is a lonely and above all controlled path, whether traveled by the free individual (an extreme minority) or by the initiate (a high-ranking slave).

The card also symbolizes material and biological life perspective.

11. The Star

Elementary process sequence number = Eleven (11)

Astrological Sign = Aquarius

Planetary Ruler = Earth

Decimal Number = Eight (8)

This card symbolizes the operation of orgone energy (as well as oranur and deadly orgone) and the influence of the Grail or Aura (Sagittarius) as it applies to the foundational support of material reality (deadly orgone slowly disintegrates matter), genetic operation, the intelligence of orgone energy circulation (meridians and ley lines etc.). It also represents real genetic engineering, technology in the lives of the masses, consentual and nonconsentual assistance (friends verses the U. N.), and parental influence upon child-development.

Notice the emphasis of circular or radical process, and the movement of this process through spheres (symbolic of realities) to produce what looks like biological life. Notice also that the woman in the card is the same woman shown in The Universe and Lust trump cards which lay on the opposite side of the zodiacal wheel. As this card can be thought of as the key process in explicate holotropic-informative process, so to can Lust be thought of as the key process in implicate holotropic-informative process. The Universe card seems to reveal information about The Star as much as it does for Lust (analogous forms of cosmic birth). Her foot rests on the snake's head while the other foot is pulled away indicating that only one version of her rests in Aquarius. The crossing of the snake at her pelvis indicates Scorpio (notice the similarity to the Death trump), while her two hands [one touching the snake (Taurus) and the other touching a scythe (Scorpio)] indicates that two versions of her rest in Leo. The emphasis of seven-sided geometrical figures represent electromagnetic radiation as an operational energy-foundation for all explicate holotropic-informative process (the Scientist's Stone?).

10. The Devil

Elementary Process Number = Ten (10)

Astrological Sign = Capricorn

Planetary Ruler = Earth

Decimal Number = Seven (7)

This card clearly symbolizes the unhealthy variants of orgone energy (oranur and deadly orgone), this being the place in the tree where orgone would be represented if this were a spectrally balanced symbol system. The sexually repressive nature of the card is obvious and the tragedy associated with this sexual repression also represented in those human forms trapped in the realities associated with sexual/social repression, realities that have been with us for approximately six thousand years, realities associated with murder in the interest of perceived genetic self-preservation (read James DeMeo's book Saharasia to learn about what initiated this self perpetuating social disease-process). The pink background represents oranur or orgone energy that has been blocked behind muscular armoring. Oranur promotes water-retention (swelling), reddening, itching, and excessive throbbing of tissue. The dark web-like design that is part of this background represents deadly orgone, a distorted form of orgone energy that "clings" to an infected area of the body or to an area of our planet. This causes various forms of body-rot (including tooth decay and tonsilitis), cancer, infection, developmental arrest, depression, bruising (the dark circles around the eyes), wasting disease ("AIDS"), desertification (Saharasia), and mob-social resignation to elite-rule.

The Chariot and Fortune trumps rest on the opposite side of the wheel from this card. Recent findings indicate that royal-families have probably been practicing secret ritual child-abuse on their children for thousands of years in order to produce a controllable form of multiple personality compartmentalization, contained within a "neat" outer personality shell (predictable but violent character structure) which can only be deeply penetrated under "genteel-predefined" circumstances usually associated with murderous mob-population control and the passing on of the disease within the bloodline (or with effective but institutionally suppressed forms of therapy). These ritual abuse methods have been put into wider application through the CIA's MK-ULTRA program (school shootings anyone?). The common population has been practicing this form of ritual child abuse relatively unwittingly. We look up to our "superiors" and perceive a need to be like them. Their institutions say "beat your child" and we obey without question, passing on the child-beating disease from generation to generation. Problem is, our "ignorant class" creates unsightly schizophrenics all of the time, and these "lunatics" have an "annoying tendency" towards sensitivity to their surrounding circum-stances (circum means circular or surrounding and stances influential posture). B. B. says institutionalize and we obey, thus the repressive cycle continues uninterrupted.

The recent shootings in this town brought to the surface an underlying hatred of youth that I observed among the adult population not long after I moved to this town. Now the youth in our country may be forced to live under police-state lock-down circumstances within their own homes. This will only build more violence into our troubled youth (repression builds violence). If socialist educational institutions can so easily build violence into our youth culture (through social repression) what nightmare will unfold when the state finally gets full control over the home environment? People are screaming for institutional control in this town.

9. Art

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Nine (9)

Astrological Sign = Sagittarius

Planetary Ruler = Moon

Decimal Number = Six (6)

Just like there seems to be an implicate and explicate expression for reality in all of it's forms, so then is there an implicate and explicate expression for intelligence operation in all of its forms. Hence, we have intelligence field-operation, whether the operative realizes his/her role as an operative or not. This is the trump of wire taps, interrogation, torture, intimidation, assassination, field-espionage, brainwashing, and advertizing. This is the mask-like face of intelligence operation, worn by teacher, preacher, guru, police officer, doctor, store owner, and nosey neighbor. This is the state-sanctioned parent who knows no natural intimacy with a child but compulsively rifles through the child's belongs in the interest of "discipline." This is the circumcising community who loath the youth as "anti-social" animals in need of taming. These are the arts of psychological warfare conducted by the elite and mob alike. The super-ego, both individual and mass, plays such an important role in the enslavement of a world-population by an elite minority. This dark art can be used to convince one to enslave one's self and then enslave one's child. If one is a slave as a child, one will be a slave as an adult, even under the Bill of Rights. A jury of enslaved mentalities is a controlled mob that can be used as a weapon in denying "constitutionally protected" rights. Children know what they need (love); we don't listen, and the state doesn't love anyone so why let them raise children.

If this were a field-harmonically balance symbol system this card would represent the practical art of self-healing under uncompromised freewill. Not rationalized freewill "under" some police-enforced "ideal," but true freewill. Healing doesn't happen any other way.

The card that lays on the opposite side of the zodiac is The Lovers trump, a card of implicate intel-op, a process that mimics the very informative/holographic processes that create all explicate realities in a given dimension.

Notice the lion and bird (intelligence-operative symbols) from The Lovers trump are in this card and have switched colors. Notice also the skull with a bird of prey on top of it (brain-washing); the cauldron is the grail or aura. Notice the bees and knotted snakes on the green dress. The bees are a socialist symbol and the knotted snakes the embedding of "ideals" into ones nature through the aura. The arrow is an energy balancing symbol; garbage in garbage out. The blue circular arrangement symbolizes electromagnetism (seven circles). The yellow design to the rear symbolizes the solar logos and the circular designs behind that symbolize the secret knowledge associated with the complete understanding of nuclear process.

8. Death

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Eight (8)

Astrological Sign = Scorpio

Planetary Ruler = Mars

Decimal Number = Five (5)

This is the soldier's trump; the card of designer mass-murder. Every soldier is a prostitute at heart, as every prostitute carries the pain of a soldier in hers, not to the core mind you, but just behind the uni-form. This, of course, does not have to be the case; this part of the tree describes a natural process that makes life and experience possible, and I would like to emphasize here, that my negative de-scrip-tions of these cards do not reflect how I feel about the natural processes represented in the kabbalistic map; this Scorpio trump can be redesigned to reflect the "E. M.-erotic" process behind the weaving of reality itself. In fact, I would redesign and rename this card to reflect the electric ecstacy experienced as couples first touch-to-embrace in coital union; heart-strings maybe.

Notice the bird behind the skeleton's head. This clearly symbolizes intelligence operative (Gemini) influence in the form of mind-control. I know the concept of mind control sounds a lot like science-fiction to most people, but most of these people themselves suffer from the influence of mind-control (as do we all). Our entire "left verses right"social-circus derives from the basic nature-repressive methods used by the intelligence agencies all over the world. There has been a lot of "new information" about lately on the subject of mind control, distributed by organizations that themselves practice and continue to advocate religious institutional control that derives from age-old mind-control practice, a practice that traces back through history to the Roman Empire of the first, second, third, and fourth centuries A. D. and beyond. What little useful information provided has to be extracted from layers of information-compartmentalizing rationalization that directs the reader to accept sex-repression and religious-socialist institutional control as "constitutional freedom." My basic attitude toward this rather lame attempt at hooking the collective jugular of a dangerously apathetic western mob-population is one of frustration. I spent a decade of my life reading about and studying something that, I am beginning to realize, will finally be taken away from me by the very people who I thought were becoming socially extinct; everyone talks of "freedom," but few manage to promote it. Mind-control is a working reality that must be studied honestly, completely, and carefully. Well anyway, lines of force lead from the mind-control symbolic bird-of-prey to an array of vortexes created from these force-lines representing the newly formed aura; mind-control influence must operate through one's entire nature to be effective. The frequency-jammed human-aura plays it's role too, as does sex-repression, altered brain-chemistry, toxic biochemistry, and damage to the central nervous system. Many of these processes need to be verified scientifically, but the sex-repression that is now being so heavily re-promoted by religious types has been scientifically proven to be instrumental in all cases of mind control, even if mind-control methodology is approached from a chemical or trauma based perspective.

The scythe is the sword of the Adjustment trump, only now it is curved. I am beginning to think that the Excalibur symbol can be thought of as representing electromagnetic force; it clearly seems to be the case in these two cards. Electromagnetism is bound by this will or fixed field-harmonic process and "spun" into light-fibers which manifest down one field-harmonic frequency interval in Sagittarius. Each fiber could be visualized as a flowing energy-vortex made up of continually explicating electromagnetic energy. These fibers make up the scythe-manipulated auras shown in the card.

Notice how the fish (Pisces) is placed at the bottom of the skeleton's foot indicating the grounding in material reality of the snake (Taurus). The scorpion symbolizes the vindictive nature of the programmed Scorpio personality.

This is also the field-harmonic of magic-ritual activity, both "balanced" and "imbalanced." I consider the knives held by occultists to be Libra symbols and the movement of those knives to be a Scorpio symbol. The pentagram in the circle (Taurus) may be a decimal-numeric symbol for this field-harmonic (everything I write needs to be confirmed scientifically and otherwise) as well as a Leo field-harmonic elementary process symbol. The imbalanced form of magic-ritual often involves human sacrifice (Scorpio), the drinking of blood (Leo), and the active pollution of Earth-grid energies with imbalanced energies (Aquarius). This activity can have a surprising influence of human genetic structure. Effective magic-ritual has to engage all field-harmonics to be effective, but the archetypal activity of ritual operates out of Scorpio. I should mention that I have no experience with ritual practice; I am approaching this issue from the perspective of someone who has studied symbol-systems for half-a-decade. I strongly suspect I'm correct though.

The Hierophant trump rests on the opposite side of the zodiac, this being the trump of those who initiate complex long-term agenda and war. As Scorpio is low-initiation involving energy that operates in local fashion, Taurus is high-initiation involving non-local energies. Taurus works to get nations angry with each other; Scorpio is the process that creates that anger. In nature Scorpio initiates the aura and Taurus initiates possibility.

7. Adjustment

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Seven (7)

Astrological Sign = Libra

Planetary Ruler = Venus

Decimal Number = Four (4)

This is the common-commerce and judiciary-front trump. The "pillars" of the community that serve dark-masters unwittingly work out of this level of manipulated reality. This is the bear end of the bull-bear socioeconomic network. Controlling the various aspects of this level of reality is done through the time-honored tradition of the pay-off; this is where "organized crime" becomes an important part of the game of global manipulation. Pisces through Virgo describe relatively observable phenomena, and this is modeled in the various ranks and files of the global-elite designed "water-hole." This level of the playing field directly mirrors the "designs" originating in the Aries-poser (the ultimate hank-up) level of the tree which lies on the opposite side of the zodiac and is symbolized in the Emperor trump (the wolf, like the bear, is a northern predator and symbolizes fake-Aries). If all goes according to plan (the bull controls the bear), the "electromagnetic" quality of this level of the game operates through the closed circuits designed by the elite. If all does not go well, the voltage might jump unexpectedly and the market might become unexpectedly free. The judiciary aspect of this level of reality has a similarly "electromagnetic" quality, in that, mob-jury might not go along with "the game" and unexpectedly protect human rights, risking punishment to do so. Remember, judges are typically paid off and you can only murder so many jurors. The bear symbolizes this level of the tree so well because of it's wide behavioral range and it's tendency to follow bear trails; a predator that models electromagnetism. A predator is used as a symbol because the business man must be a predatory "animal" to make the game of artificial democracy work predicably. A deer will not do here. This "predictable element" provides the "in" for elite-meddling. The business man will not hesitate to support a large police-army (Scorpio) in the interest of protecting his financial security. Police chiefs and Judges can and are bought all of the time. Business mentalities also like to control information in the interest of building security and being part of exclusive networks, so they join the elite-designed show-lodges without a second thought.

The green and blue color combination in the iconography of the card symbolizes Taurus' remote "pull" that stabilizes through Libra's energy-grid. A successful string-pull from Taurus (green) results in a smooth response at the electromagnetic level of reality explication (blue). This stability finds symbolic expression in the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end) iconography combined with the balanced brake motif. The whirling forces of nature brake in balanced fashion, resulting in a controlled flow of energy at this level; any imbalance results in poisonous forms of radiation and erratic energy movement and release. High voltage likes to jump.

6. The Hermit

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Six (6)

Astrological Sign = Virgo

Planetary Ruler = Mercury

Decimal Number = Three (3)

A president acts as the pivotal operative element within an elite-designed fake democracy. He interacts with a covert chain of command and manages one of his own. He gets pulled in 1000 directions at once and must dirty his soul continually and without complaint. He knows secrets relating to the true nature of reality but must manage a lie. He must kill when told, whether by going to war or by arranging for the elimination of potential threats from within his organized crime syndicate. Presidents are usually men because the Sun is thought of as a strongly masculine or fountain-like process. It would be better for their agenda for the first lady to be the president's covert boss than for her to be president. You might say, a president is a Bart Simpson political analogue; he must be as filthy as possible yet present a popular image. He is a very lonely figure with no privacy at all. He knows a lot but not enough, and can be snuffed easily by those who keep him. In this kind of role, a president behaves much more like a switchboard patched-in to hell than the human being he should remember he is.

The movie star has much in common with the executive in office. If you want fame, you must let your strings be pulled. If you remember your conscience/individuality, you can be assassinated much like a president can

The egg/snake in the upper lefthand corner of the card symbolizes the big Taurian goddess-secret that masons work so hard at keeping to themselves (what is will?). Notice the geometry that contains the sun. The hermit grasps the entire process that brings forth the Sun. The wheat-field is on two different Virgo level cards. The three headed dog symbolizes intelligence operation.

5. Lust

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Five (5)

Astrological Sign = Leo

Planetary Ruler = Saturn

Decimal Number = Two (2)

A starving lion is all the elite can think of when they envision the nature of this grand natural operation. Most organizations within the global-elite hierarchy fit that description. It was starved lions that the Romans used to tear to pieces the various "heretics" against the empire. In the wild, lions hunt in groups and tear their prey apart very quickly; it is a very macabre scene. I fear that this is America's primary mission through the U. N.; tear heretic nations to pieces. This card would also seem to indicate that the President is more likely to take orders from the Marines than the Marines are from him. This is the marine, cavalry, special forces, and forward air reconnaissance trump. For now, I will place the Secret Service here also. This is the trump of Knighthood in the global-elite hierarchy. Knights are land-pirates. Piracy is the base archetype for the distorted expression of this field-harmonic through a man's heart. Broken heart symbology is fairly common within pirate iconography (or hearts with knives through them). Men with broken hearts cut people to pieces to feel alive. The primary drive energy that would find expression in the creation of something beautiful is distorted into a secondary drive tendency to commit murderous acts.

This is the house for cosmic-carpentry on the cosmic-lathe (Cancer). The scattering snakes symbolize the opposition this elementary process initiates in radical polarity to that initiated by Taurus and completed in Cancer; the snakes first coiled in Taurus. Notice her pulling on the reigns or braking. This actually builds her mount which is made of cosmic field-harmonic wave-fronts which form the atom. . . the star. The operation which completes this initiation is Libra. The electron is carved from the neutron/proton by this whirling force, making electric current possible. The goddess Kali comes to mind as an apt description of this form of operation from a Hindu perspective.

4. The Chariot

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Four (4)

Astrological Sign = Cancer

Planetary Ruler = Jupiter

Decimal Number = One (1)

The high-sunshine of a black hole jump-starts mammalian life through a mother's milk. This is the trump that represents the sublimely torrid energy that moves in toroidal fashion at beyond lightspeed. This trump symbolizes the energetic expression of the radical initiatory process of Taurus and the operational informative process of Gemini. This field-harmonic is a very calm expression of grid-energy. Though it is a finite energy-grid made of radical field-geometric processes, it is expansive and offers a diamond-grid "home" within which reality can manifest. This energy is of a higher spectral frequency than light and has non-local expressive characteristics. Karma balances via this energy-grid for a given universe. Another name for this field-harmonic is the rolling stone.

This card symbolizes the same basic ideas that the Rose Cross does. Notice, the spelling out of the words ABARA CADABARA above the knight's head in the wavy line. This indicates that this is the highest frequency field-harmonic that magicians can both access and direct. The mind can reach as far a Taurus before it goes blank, but Taurus and Gemini energies can't act as energy reservoirs. Aries can't be experienced, thus it can't be directed by a magician. The "bird's eye" perspective offered by Gemini allows one to be effective in directing all three grid-energy sources that can be directed. Unfortunately, this grid-source can be polluted even to the point that a whole universe can collapse in upon itself. The crab not only symbolizes the holotropic idea behind Cancer, but also represents certain programming influences of a distorted Cancerian nature that are effected upon the minds of royalty, making then highly enraged individuals, but also calm and polite. They have to kill just to feel alive though. This style of killing might be thought of as an amplified case of breast denial; the biting tendencies of many serial killers express this quality of secondary drive emotion (as well as distorted Leo). It might also analogue the quiet rage that women have traditionally been forced to bear in patrice-cultures. The crab points to the letter A; this is the place in the tree where Aces reside. The blue universal medium contacts the tops of the four red pillars. This indicates that the various pillar designs are Cancer symbols. The knight is seated or grounded in this vibrational medium. He wears gold armor with pentagram designs engraved into it (solar). The momentum of spinning wheels seems to be a major theme here. The knight holds a grail which is a Sagittarius symbol representing the aura. The blood inside is blood which holds an orgone energy charge. The four beasts at the bottom represent living reality which is made up of field-harmonic force-fields. An image from popular culture that expresses the relationship between Leo and Cancer is Homer Simpson embedding a big red W into an even bigger metal donut and stopping (braking) a monorail train.

3. The Lovers

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Three (3)

Astrological Sign = Gemini

Planetary Ruler = The Sun

Decimal Number = Ten (10); Operational Zero

Karma, priestess, Mother of God, magic-mirror, interdimensional portal, a forest, a lake (a burning lake symbolizes Cancer), and holotropic-informative process all describe the basic nature of the level of operational reality symbolized in this card. This is the matrix for all holographic analogous sol processes operating in nature, whether a star or an atom.

This is secret information from a patrice hierarchal perspective; this is a secret level of the patrice-hierarchy. When information relating to this natural process has been removed from the common public sphere, the pirate-order, that has worked so hard to purge the population, can imitate this aspect of nature in their operations against free-public interest. Systems analytic and synthetic ability are important prerequisites for understanding how this operation works in holographic analogue. If you can't systems analyze, you can forget about understanding all of the interrelated workings of nature and society. If you can't system synthesize, you can forget about drawing a map that shows how "it all works." People who have been indoctrinated to compulsively personify a narrow and specialized mentality become the human and social equivalent of lamb cutlets; you become a component-citizen within a civilization, and rarely anything more.

The card symbolizes the "patrice-matrimonial" system of intelligence-operation. The dirty Sun-King (distorted Virgo) and pedestal-worshiped Matrix-Queen (distorted Gemini) are married. Notice the yellow cape symbolizing the sol-role of the king and the orange cape of the queen. Matrimony shares the same root word as matriarch; fate is an aspect of nature that one communicates with in matrimony. The king's crown is symbolic of the Sun and it's radiation that can be seen. The crown of the queen is symbolic of Gemini and it's unseen radiation. The globe with a cross on it is a Cancer symbol. The king holds a spear of destiny (Leo) and the queen holds a Grail (Cancer). These objects symbolize the heart energies emphasized in the male and female respectively. The king throws the spears that become electromagnetism. The queen holds the highest frequency grid-energy that can be moved with the mind. The two inner children are symbolic the polar opposite qualities expressed below the waist relative to the heart; men are yin (initiative/restrictive) in the chest and yang (energetic/out-pouring) below the waist and women are the opposite, as far as differences are concerned. They stand on the red wings (pirate-Leo's fake Aries-inspiration) of the snake and egg symbol (Taurus-initiation). The king's cape has the tied snakes on it; this is symbolic of the harnessing of Taurus initiated momentum to explicate the atom. The queen has the bee symbol on her cape, symbolizing the holographic-analogous nature of the information that operates at this level (also the hive-mental ability to put an army at any nation's back). Leo the lion and the Gemini dirty bird look on. Notice design of the lion's tail; very symbolic of the cutting or braking action of Leo that makes electrons and photons explicate. The dirty bird knows the Aries-truth (white color), but hides it from view. The lion initiates the lie that kills the heart/mind. The purple robe of the looming figure symbolizes the creation of dirtied Cancer grid-energy. The white robe is knowledge of the truth in regards almost anything the public remains ignorant of. The ribbon-design around the male arms of the figure symbolizes operation that touches the infinite energy-grid (Aries). The hood looks very clitoral and triangular at the same time. Cupid, in my opinion, is a patrice version of a faerie (Taurus). Taurus shoots Aries-"arrows" that initiate information. The blindfold might symbolize the initiation of ignorance. Notice the geometry of the bow and arrow. The end of the quiver of arrows touches a sword; a Leo symbol that imitates Aries; a lie (the looming figure is a Leo-class pimp-pretender?). The swords are those of the Knights of the Round Table. Notice the white light becoming yellow, orange, and red behind the priest's head. The statue of a woman on the right prays to Aries (talks into a plane). The woman on the left has the head of a man (Taurus infiltrator).

The trump card on the direct opposite side of the zodiac is the Art trump. Both of these cards symbolize intelligence operation, only Art is field-operation. Art is symbolic of the Aura, where as The Lovers symbolizes the first broken field that operates in nature in a fashion analogous of a holographic plate.

2. The Hierophant

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Two (2)

Astrological Sign = Taurus

Planetary Ruler = Uranus

Decimal Number = Zero (0); Essential Zero

This is the Joker, the patrice goddess-poser or pope-figure in global elite covert-hierarchy, the jester of a corrupted cosmic court (corrupted Gemini). I feel that the image of The Priestess trump belongs here, but has been displaced to become that of a moon-goddess (Sagittarius class); this is probably why that card received the number 2 (the II is a hint). The Hierophant trump received the number five (hint) because implicate initiation for all patrice holographic analogous operations works primarily out of the Leo (number 5) position in the tree, then effects other parts of the tree (I realize that this is a simple map describing a complex reality). The 1 thru 4 positions (Aries thru Cancer) in the tree, as symbolized by this deck, are all shams, reflecting the imbalance manifest in the patrice covert global hierarchy. The symbology of this card confused me for a long time before I realized that this priest is a poser-priestess. Many of the old goddess images have been displaced to the lunar analogous role among the chain of field-harmonic events that explicate realities, because the moon will never be thought of as god-like in the minds of humanity; the lunar qualities of the menstrual cycle guarantee this. So, they simply displace the high-priestess and make her a low priestess, either in the Venus/Libra sense or as a Moon-goddess (Subordinate to the Sun-king from their unnatural hierarchal perspective). In my opinion, the energy of Libra and Venus is actually highly masculine (electromagnetic), which proves to me how well we have been blinded to the "old philosophy." When most outer circle initiates see the goddess-image, they just see Venus and the Moon. This is symbolized by the goddess at the foot of the Hierophant who is now a prostitute-goddess (notice, her stature looks "reduced"). The sword indicates that this is the same goddess seen in the Adjustment trump and she holds a lunar symbol in her left hand which symbolizes the Libra part of the tree relative to this Taurus position. Electromagnetic field energy is the grid-energy that the Moon "swims in."

Leo is the best place in the tree to affect a "lie" upon a manifesting reality because it can pretend to be the whole top half of the tree while initiating the nature of each explication within an effected reality explication, but it is also at a disadvantage because the Leo bandwidth has difficulty affecting influence upon higher frequency reality-explications without first taking total control over the reality explication within its own dimensional explication. Thus, its influence can be pushed down dimensional spectral frequency by the pure love of true-Aries and the stronger initiative of true-Taurus. If true-Taurus were the primary bandwidth out of which imbalance first introduced itself and the primary archetype for demonic initiation, universes would destroy themselves very quickly. The true high-goddess/priestess is behind the Hierophant, not in front of him. She is the pure essence of zero-initiation, the secret that remains always a secret (the dark "Nuit-esc" backdrop). This Taurus-initiation is essentially finite-but-relatively-infinite-in-scale, and operates in polarity with true-Aries, the infinite energy-grid (the brilliant unseen glint in the high-priestess' eye). Both of these processes in nature are post void operations; the priestess takes the biggest risk by creating/forming finite universes and Aries-love remains most like the pre-existent void, acting as an incorruptible energy-grid (pre-formative and pre-existent). The snake (manifest vibration) makes a number of spectral frequency drops in the explication of a manifest reality. This is symbolized by the nine nails that direct the snake into a circular (initiative) path; nine is the number of field-harmonic frequency intervals between dimensions. Initiation is a braking action that simply redirects spectral vibrational grid-energy. The background of the card is midnight blue, with a hint of purple in the lower right-hand corner; the purple is the Cancer energy-grid, the finite analogue of the Aries energy-grid (existent). The midnight blue background symbolizes the tremendous unseen momentum of bound Aries grid-energy. Normally the four Kerubs would show water gushing out of them, as they do in the Universe trump (Saturn, ruler of Leo), but the tremendous force issuing forth from these iconographic figures remains unseen and unexperienced. The brick wall that divides matter and anti-matter is here; if you hit it (experience Aries), you are gone from this dimension (you "un-exist"). This Taurus-initiated matter/anti-matter radical polarity is symbolized by the elephants (notice the curl in the trunks). The four Kerubs symbolize the four initiatory field-harmonics of the left pillar [Taurus (bull), Leo (lion), Scorpio (bird), and Aquarius (man)]. The bull symbolizes the tremendous moment-um initiated in the creation of our time-space universe by the rhythmic (we are talking extremely high frequencies here) initiatory braking action that causes the first field-harmonic spectral frequency drop for our dimension (initiates time-space). Leo naturally initiates in the opposite relative radical polarity on a smaller scale. The Hierophant holds a wand with a rather toroidal ring arrangement topping it. This symbolizes the line (Aries-grid) which is made circular and toroidal (Taurus-initiation) to create the first broken field-harmonic in Gemini (the braking arrangement is circular and moves radically but the deflection of energy is angular). The dove (Gemini) flies down his left arm which blesses (two fingers) or initiates Gemini. The white (Aries) and brown (Taurus) design behind the head of the Hierophant also symbolizes this circular process. The orange (Gemini) flows out of him, robe-like, as a result of the frequency drop initiated here; Taurus-initiation becomes Gemini-operation.

The overall design of this trump has an architectural flavor reminiscent of many masonic arches I have seen. The point in the Hierophant's headdress represents the Leo initiatory influence in the creation of the reality contained within the arch. It is as though the Rolling Stone (Cancer) has been opened up like a curtain (the holographic-analogue-symbolic five pointed star arrangement is contained within the arch). It is a very prominent architectural feature in the movie Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, being the architectural design behind the head of the Taurus-iconographic character, in this case a prostitute-goddess, who stands on a high balcony and shouts "I am ready to redeem him." The arch them symbolizes her being presented as a lie by the Leo pimp-cat in the red cloak. She was telling her own truth when she was leaning against the bare wall which symbolized the Philosopher's Stone (Aries). One of the entrance doors to the Brown Palace Hotel in Downtown Denver has this style of arch built around it. You could trace this type of design from the top of the Hierophant's headdress right down the sides of the card using the elephants as points of reference. I consider this particular arch-design to be Leo-iconographic; the door would then be the Sun (the child in the five pointed star is a Sun-king). The snake and dove combination symbolizes the number 23 or Taurus and Gemini as an interdimensional conduit that can bypass (virtually) Aries-grid spectral holographic analogous influence; this is not to imply that the number 23 is somehow evil (I don't believe any number "is" evil) in and of itself, just that interdimensional travel and influence of a variety of kinds can be effected via this field-harmonic conduit.

The trump card that rests on the opposite side of the zodiac is the Death trump. These two cards share much in common; they both act as the first initiatory field-harmonics their respective reality levels, one implicate and the other explicate, and they both initiate highly informative field-harmonic processes (Gemini and Sagittarius). The idea of death placed here is sinister to an extreme (initiating a dead aura).

1. The Emperor

Elementary Process Sequence Number = One (1)

Astrological Sign = Aries

Planetary Ruler = Pluto

Decimal Number = None Can Be Assigned (Nada)

This trump is, to me, an iconographic representation of a lie. True-Aries is the vital logos from which all truths are "quarried and carved," this being the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is so named because no science will ever gain observational perspective of it. Everything we see is of it, including scientific endeavor. The only practical conceptual interface with it, that I have found, is the philosophical idea of lines/squares/cubes oriented relative to an infinite multitude of points, and a "chosen" spectrum of frequencies; Taurus chooses the frequencies and brakes the Aries force line-vectors to create experienced vibration and field-harmony in time-space; mathematics is finite in nature. It can be conceptualized as unbroken force (not even vibration exists here; no time referenced perspective) which can be touched by Taurus-initiation so that, within the pre-existent void, there can be field-harmonic shadows that can be experienced as realities. Thus, the Aries-grid can be philosophically mapped from a spectral and relative-operative perspective; the pre-existent void cannot be mapped in a practical fashion (knock on wood), as it is just everything and nothing (the Buddhists don't get near it experientially, you would literally "un-exist;" I think the Buddhists only get as far as the direct experience of Gemini in other-dimensional holographic analogue). The High-God is just a force or energy-grid that can only be approximately conceptualized through philosophical speculation; it has no will of its own as far as I can see and map. The closest thing to vengeance in nature is Karma which, to me, is best symbolized in goddess form, and isn't vengeance at all, but rather cosmic energy balancing. Karma only touches the eternal just as we do, thus there is no eternal "hell." In my opinion, all vengeful "gods" are distorted Leo-analogous ideas/realities which makes them Satanic. Lucifer's light is the dirty star as holographic analogous archetype. Lucifer pimps the High-Goddess to his followers, not because he is bigger than they, but because he happens to operate primarily out of the Leo field-harmonic, which is a strategic place in nature from which to effect reality and "filter" the High-Goddess' influence by repressive means. An accurate archetype for Lucifer is that of a business man; they sell us what nature would rather give us, plus a lot of useless garbage.

In this trump we see, yet again, the Sun-King, this time posing as the big, big GOD. Notice how he crosses his legs into a t-square-like pose, and the square-motif of his clothing. This tells me that we, the common lot, are not to see beyond the Sun and its dark-king analogue. Red and yellow are clearly emphasized in this trump, lending a Leo/Virgo solar quality to this card. Behind the Sun-King is a Sun-symbol made of lines drawn relative to a circle (Aries thru Virgo), and look at those unhappily repressed rams which capital the throne. I think the Sun represents "designs" on reality that the fake-Aries Sun-King charges the Fake-Taurus "Sun-Pope" to initiate. The rams might actually symbolize post Taurus reality explicative momentum which is kept from manifesting as an operation in reality. The horns seem to me to border on Taurus symbolically. The small lamb at his feet would then be the smaller "inspiration" that is allowed to manifest; the mob-social emotional plague inspired nationalism and now internationalism that "inspires" mass-murder. This is a symbolic representation of what Wilhelm Reich calls secondary drive (rage/depression) based emotion and idealism. The shield at his feet would be his masonic brotherhood operating in Gemini-analogous fashion (two headed matter/anti-matter bird). His throne or seat of power is actually in Cancer, not Aries. The Aries seat of power belongs to the faeries (Taurus/Gemini). All of the angular lines are rather Gemini and symbolize his designs on reality manifestation. The bees to me represent mob-society as a substitute for natural society. He can put another nation at your nation's back, if need be; mass-mob-mentality gives him the power. The orb in his hand would be the Cancer energy-grid and that angular cross symbolizes Gemini's influence upon Cancer. The his staff charges rather than initiates. The white light coming down upon his left shoulder is the Aries "light" which is in the north-east part of the tree; the square corner stones for both the Colorado State Capital and the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Denver are located on the north-east corners of the buildings. The swirls on his clothing strike me as being rather chaotic. Those two symbols on the bottom of the card are probably Sun symbols. This Aries Sun-King wears the same diamonds in his crown that the Cancer Sun-King wears in his armor.

The card that rests on the opposite side of the zodiac is the Adjustment trump. These two cards together are highly symbolic of Chess. Adjustment might be thought of as the local or overt analogue of non-local/covert Aries.

12. The Unicursal Hexagram

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Twelve (12)

Astrological Sign = The Zodiac

Planetary Ruler = Neptune

Decimal Number = None Can Be Assigned Relative To Our Perspective (Provisional Nada)

This card is only available in the O. T. O. decks, but is pictured in Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot). This card clearly expresses the idea of other dimensional influence of virtually any kind, often unwarranted influence. The black background of the card is Aries/Taurus level "all-and-nothing." The Gemini-orange geometric figure leaps out at us from a point, the point representing another dimension relative to our perspective. The five pedal shape corresponds to this other dimensional influence's effect upon Taurus-initiation within our dimension and the angular shape of the figure is indicative of Gemini-operation within our dimension. There is no square shape represented, thus Aries grid-energy is denied its influence upon this process. The shape also forms a six pointed star, indicating that our Sun might be under the continual influence of a Sun-King from another dimension. This place in the tree symbolizes a dimensional array that field-harmonizes easily with our dimension from a higher field-harmonic frequency interval (the Astral Plane). I consider the pathway system associated with traditional Kabbalah to be a mouse-cage-like artificial construct that exists only on the astral plane. As one gets into the habit of visiting this "mouse-cage," one becomes more and more likely to end up there when dreaming or when building realities in our dimension.

Second Layer (The Planetary Trumps)

In this section, I will be introducing some new findings relating to how these cards behave on the tree. I now seems that there is a position on the tree ruled by a planetary trump and another position out of which the planetary trump operates in celestial holographic analogue of the archetypal forces.

12. Earth (No Trump Rules)

Elementary Process Sequence Number = Twelve (12)

Astrological Sign = Pisces

Planetary Ruler = Earth

Decimal Number = Nine (9)

Anti-Copyright (a-c) 1999 by James Scott Kimball; distribute freely.

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