By James Scott Kimball
05/14/66 5:53 AM, Lewiston Maine


On the 6th of October 1998, at 5:56 P.M., in Denver Colorado, I discovered the Field-Relative Kabbalah that has most probably been violently purged out of public awareness throughout much of recorded world-history by a covert patriarchal brotherhood-elite class influence operating through many front-organizations over the centuries, including the various orders of knighthood and Freemasonry, various major religious movements, the Round Table, the Skull and Bones Order at Yale, and the various inbred elite-families and related financial empires that "time-lock" with the Rothschilds of Germany in eugenically manipulating world-society. The various societies, bureaucracies, networks, and institutions, emplaced by this elite class, work to build and maintain a single totalitarian world government and associated centralized world bank, police-army, and eugenic population control system. This centralization of power ensures the exclusive control of "key" information at the elite level of society, while the "controlled mob" social constituent becomes an ignorant weapon in the collective "black hand" of the brotherhood-elite for use in their fight against isolated social elements attempting to keep information from disappearing from the public sphere.

The word in-form-ation reveals its own true meaning, describing an inner formative process. To gain exclusive control of any information, you must gain a controlling influence upon the holotropic-informative process of each individual within a target population, gaining a mind-controlling influence upon the masses. The creation of an emotionally plagued (Wilhelm Reich) substitute society, that spreads like social cancer, through emotional plague induced espionage, infiltration, disinformation dissemination, factional social splintering and associated factional conflict, and overt and covert eugenic social-control, over time, repressively reduces the collective mentality of the world's population to a "dark age" level of human awareness, while the "elite" continue to "evolve" in "knowledge without wisdom."

I don't advocate the direction of violence and/or punishment towards those who work to build this sad state of affairs; the mob-population shares in the blame. A power-elite class builds its power with the help of a mass-character-neurotic mob-society that projects its own collective power upon central authority figures. As respect for individual freewill gains support among the masses, brotherhood-elite police power diminishes. Our only true hope remains in the promotion of real freedom and the circulation of formerly hidden knowledge and technology among a free population comprising truly free individuals (which means people need the opportunity to be characterologically free). Individuals within a living soc-iety must freely exercise their innate ingenuity in solving problems associated with our collective ills. The centralization of power into the hands of the ruthless and cunning few, who can climb the plagued social ladder, only acts as a stumbling block in the process of collective emergence from the Free Masonic social- cesspool we presently refer to as "society."

The infinite potential to "remember" remains always within human nature, and I present here what I feel to be something "remembered" by myself. I cannot, as of yet, reveal a working algebra that ties all of the concepts presented in this document together; I haven't the necessary background to do so. I question, however, the assumed meaning that we as a civilization attach to some mathematical concepts in hope that an expanded and multidimensional algebra can be "remembered" by others. The truth of the following matter will reveal itself in the scientific study, experience, and practical use of the information that follows.

13. Basic Summary of Tree Organization

The formerly covert Field-Relative Kabbalah maps 13 field-harmonics or elementary processes that "bloom" or explicate sequentially between folded space and infinite space, field-geometrically time/space-locking successively through nine standing-wave vibrational field-harmonic intervals that define a specific level of dimensional reality explication and a field-harmonically relative higher dimensional field-harmonic reality explication.

Without an understanding of standing-wave field-geometry and the recognition of frequency-spectral field-harmonic intervals (cosmic notes) with which this natural process operates at each level in the tree, as it applies to a given dimensional (cosmic key) explication, we have no common "thread" that can link every process together and we become conceptually lost in our dimensional navigation. Since I have no measuring equipment that can measure these frequencies, I must speak in generalities in regards the field-harmonic relative aspects of the tree. The technology that has potential use in measuring higher than electromagnetic frequencies remains, for the most part, under centrally secure lock and key. The F. C. C. rules that prohibit interference with electromagnetic frequency reception allow police-state methods to be utilized by the government in suppressing private investigation into ultra high frequency phenomena, electrogravitics, time-space explication, and practical dimensional field-harmonic experience via technological apparatus (time-space travel). The human brain remains virtually the only "technological" apparatus left to the public for use in the exploration of time-space, and this apparatus continually falls into further disuse do to disinformative elite-intelligence influence and dogmatic mob-society mind control.

Before I describe each process within the tree, I will describe some of its basic organizational characteristics. The essential natures of the elemental processes within the tree fall into three general categories that constitute the three "pillars" of the tree. The middle pillar represents a series of operational reality states that dimensionally link two separate time-space realities, and that sequentially "fold" out of and "unfold" into time-space reality as we experience it, either in waking experience or in dreams. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "mutable" category. The right pillar represents a field-harmonic series of standing-wave energy-grid fields in decreasing field-harmonic frequency and of a continually localizing operational significance in relation to our dimensional explication. These elementary processes act as energy reservoir field-harmonics that provide energy for the creation of a specific kind of emerging field-harmonic operational order. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "cardinal" category. The left pillar represents a series of initiative or energy-binding processes (the binding of energy creates power) that lend the finite qualities needed to create increasingly complex operationally ordered middle-pillar field-harmonic realities. All experiential realities explicate via the willed field-geometric focusing of surplus field-harmonic grid-energy. The astrological signs associated with this pillar fall into the "fixed" category. Essentially, an operational field-harmonic comprising a specific field-harmonic spectrum creates the next requisite operational field-harmonic for time-space explication out of lower frequency field-harmonics that "emerge" or field-harmonically "crystalize" relative to its own field-geometry. This dimensional process, represented by the whole tree, repeats in field-harmonic keys, creating infinite multitudes of time-space explications of differing field-harmonic frequency spectrums. Please remember that the tree represents reality in mapped form, and a map that represents a complete reality, in complete detail, loses its utility as a map.

After studying the basic layout of the complete Kabbalah, I realized that the complete reality explication analogous musical scale may comprise nine notes instead of seven; the tree symbolizes the relation of nine field-harmonic frequency spectral intervals instead of the seven "revealed" in the 10 Sephirah tree of "traditional" occultism.

The Lie

In order for there to be a complete conceptualization of basic field-harmonic relative field-geometry and elementary process, there needs to be a discussion of the nature of a distorted field-harmonic as it applies to field-harmonic related standing-wave geometric spectral signature. I will use, as a point of initial conceptual reference, the scientific work of Wilhelm Reich regarding the functional relationship between orgone energy, oranur, and deadly orgone energy. I will present a basic field-harmonic relative conceptual expansion of the theory associated with these orgonomic natural processes. I might add that, though my conceptualizations qualify as a logic-based philosophy and have potential to become scientific theories, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Biophysics qualifies as proven science (read his literature and repeat his experiments). Philosophical speculation always benefits from conceptual grounding in experimentally proven science.

The "fresh" quality of each field-harmonic, I will conceptually anchor in the research that Wilhelm Reich conducted relating to orgone energy. A fresh field-harmonic analogues, in its finite nature, field-geometric spectral balance and purity operationally rooted in the "always balanced" spectral signature of a field-harmonically relative infinite-grid field-geometry or Aries field-geometry. I will explain this in more detail as I discuss infinite elementary process and Aries field-geometry. The "stagnant" or imbalanced spectral signature of each field-harmonic, I will conceptually anchor in qualities Reich associated with deadly orgone or DOR. A stagnant field-harmonic analogues, in its finite nature, spectral qualities that deviate destructively from a finite field-geometric spectral analogue of the infinite field-geometric spectral balance of the field-harmonically relative Aries field-harmonic that links a given dimension to the infinite. Given that the Aries field-harmonic spectral signature can be conceptualized as "always balanced," any finite field-harmonic spectral signature that deviates from this balanced or distortionless spectral signature does so in virtual denial of "the infinite." Qualities of a depressive or pessimistic nature dominate a reality strongly comprising this distorted spectral signature. Also, disintegrative influences on the explicate order in question trace to this "stale" spectral signature.

The willful attempt of a "degenerate" field-harmonic in forcing a "generate" field-harmonic to permanently analogue degeneracy in its field-harmonic spectral signature creates a field-geometric spectral condition that analogues what Wilhelm Reich called oranur. Oranur analogous qualities include inflamation, rage, and predatory behavioral patterns. An oranur-analogous field-geometric spectral signature analogues what we normally think of as stress; a distorting process that deprives a field-harmonic of its natural field-geometrically "linked to the infinite" spectral signature and imposes upon it a virtually "de-linked" field-geometric spectral signature. I use the word virtual before de-linked because no field-harmonic can de-link from the infinite without becoming non-ex-istent relative to the infinite; all finite processes derive from the infinite. Therefore, virtually de-linked field-harmonics operate as artificial reality-constructs or "lies" (ignorance programs) based in imbalanced field-geometric spectral signature.

Repressive Spectral Shift

The flow of vibrational energy into and then back out of a field-harmonic maintains the existence of the field-harmonic in question. Remove the energy flow and the field-harmonic ceases to exist. Change or distort the spectral signature of the vibrational flow of energy through a field-harmonic, and you change or distort the nature of the spectral expressions that "flow" out of that field-harmonic. As the vibrational energy flows out of a field-harmonic, it takes on the spectral signature of the field-harmonic left behind. Therefore, realities transmit their own qualities to "surrounding" realities. Energy flows from one reality to another within the same dimensional key when a new field-harmonic "crystalizes" into form at a lower frequency field-harmonic interval, in field-harmonically analogous spectral signature to the source field-harmonic. One can visualize the emerging field-harmonic as a lower field-harmonic interval "tuning fork" response in field-harmonically relative field-geometry and analogous spectral signature.

A repressive act of will (will being the selective binding of free energy) can distort the finite spectral signature of field-harmonic energy. This will repressively distorts finite field-harmonic spectral signature, the infinite field-geometric expression of this energy remaining the only field-harmonic that cannot be influenced by this process, because the infinite expression of field-geometry and spectral signature acts as a dimensional "foundation" for dimensional expressions of sequentially emerging finite field-harmonics. Will application can alter or oppose the natural spectral momentum behind field-harmonic spectral signature, often building a "counter cathexis" (Freud) spectral momentum in opposition to natural spectral momentum. Higher frequency vibration contains more energy than does lower frequency vibration of the same amplitude, offering more resistance to the effects counter cathexis field-harmonic spectral momentum imposes upon its spectral signature. Therefore, repressed energy usually comprises the lower or "Red" end of the energy spectrum associated with the field-harmonic in question, depending on the level of spectral momentum behind the repressively willed spectral counter cathexis. My experience confirms that this basic process underlies the production of deadly orgone or DOR from orgone energy, an orgonomic process Wilhelm Reich discovered.

In my experience with asthma, the orgone energy that attempts to circulate down the front of the chest to the naval chakra backs up behind the muscular armoring in the area of the solar plexus (becoming oranur and then DOR) and attempts to flow out of the body via the tip of the tongue. This energy "tastes" like electricity from the terminals of a weak battery. I identify this energy as oranur because it feels as if it comprises mostly "agitated" lower frequency biological energy compared with that emitted by my rock flour bion cultures. The wet rock flour emits a quality of orgone energy that relieves asthma and other inflammations without overwhelming the senses. Orgone relieves excessive water retention in bodily tissues; oranur promotes inflamation and excessive water retention. Deadly orgone and its field-harmonic cousins share in common a mutually analogous series of distorted field-harmonic spectral signatures; distorted by a process that from now on I refer to as Repressive Spectral Shift.

I define Repressive Spectral Shift as the distorting process associated with the various forms of willful field-harmonic spectral repression, as they operate contrary to the natural spectral balance associated with the field-geometric spectral signature of a given field-harmonic. The "red" end or lower frequency end of the field-harmonic energy spectrum succumbs to field-harmonic spectral repression first and field-harmonic spectrally inflates, reflecting the spectral signatures of both field-harmonics, as cathexis field-harmonic spectral momentum builds in the face of the counter cathexis field-harmonic spectral momentum, creating an "agitated" or "enraged" spectral signature in both field-harmonics. The spectral momentum of the "fresh" field-harmonic opposes counter cathexis field-harmonic spectral momentum by attempting to maintain its own natural spectral signature and energy level until its field-harmonic spectral momentum diminishes. Once the repressed energy's natural spectral momentum diminishes, its field-harmonic spectral signature distorts completely and turns "stagnant" or "depressive." The distorted field-harmonic can then genetically engineer a cancer cell or provide field-harmonic grid-energy in electrogravitically powering a flying saucer piloted by fascist (emotionally plagued) beings who prefer to "swim" in stagnant energy, depending of course on the elementary process of the field-harmonic in question. Cancer growth seems to analogue oranur and DOR energy processes in the dynamic quality of its growth and in the shrunken bodily stature of the host, as Wilhelm Reich first observed.

Astrological Considerations

Before I can discuss some of my new findings in the area of astrology, I feel I must summarize my conceptual stance in regards the field of astrology. I consider the processes that create one's astrological makeup to be imprinting processes that operate in orgonomic fashion, centering on the birth trauma (Otto Rank and Stanislav Grof), genetically through the influence of solar and planetary field-harmonic energy upon the DNA of the developing fetus, and karmically through the multidimensional "energy web" that binds past-life experience, synchronicity (Carl Jung), and the field-harmonic cape or aura that foundations our existence.

The birth trauma acts as the "pivotal" imprinting process, around which the other imprinting processes "time-lock." On the dark side of the coin, the birth trauma acts as the central repressive experience or Basic Perinatal Matrices 2 and 3 (Grof), whose experiential themes form a symbolic core, around which the themes of COEX Systems or Systems of Condensed Experience (Grof), reflecting later repressive traumas, arrange themselves within the subconscious mind, effecting a specific programming influence upon character structural development. I consider David Bohm's work in quantum physics, on the "holographic" nature of implicate and explicate order, to be excellent supplemental reading when studying Stanislav Grof's work in understanding the holotropic nature of human experience, and to understand how I utilize the word character, read Wilhelm Reich's book, Character Analysis.

It may take generations for an emotionally plagued population to remove common repressive themes from its collective subconscious mind. As repressive child bearing and rearing practices became more of a norm through the generations (this began happening about six thousand years ago; I hope soon to read James DeMeo's book Saharasia on this subject), the grace that naturally reveals itself in the human form began gradually to disappear, and an ongoing and self-perpetuating collective-misery, that expresses itself physically through the distorted growth of a repressed (Freud) and armored (Reich) body, began to replace our naturally optimistic collective-grace. Physical developmental distortion, caused by the repressive interference of orgone field-harmonic energy flow through the body by the muscular armoring and weakened ethric templating increases, over successive generations, the intensity of the birth trauma for both mother and infant, as parents change structurally and infants remain unchanged. The birth trauma then becomes a central programming influence around which other repressive programming influences, like infantile circumcision and sexual repression, can be organized in the promotion of the emergence of a repressive mob-society and related power-elite socioeconomic class. I feel that the birth experience, by natural design, provides an intense imprinting experience for both parent and infant, but I do not feel that the torture that takes the place of an intense expression of human bodily grace has to be the norm (only a woman can tell us specifically how it really "should be"). I feel that, as the population deprograms itself, the birth experience can become more of an experiential communion with inner and outer field-harmony and less of a torture.

The "rising sign" imprinting influence centers itself squarely in the birth imprint. The sun sign strongly influences the genetic imprint, as well as the birth imprint. As the fetus develops in the womb, it travels through at least nine strong solar electromagnetic field-subharmonics, taking genetic imprint from them all. The Moon sign affects both imprints strongly.

The cosmic energy, that explicates and time-locks through the nuclear processes occurring within the Sun, radiates outward and forms web-like field-harmonic standing-wave patterns in field-harmony with other field-harmonic sources of energy within the solar system (since planets live, they transmit life energy just like we do). These field-harmonic standing-wave patterns account for the aspect influences, while the emphasis of specific qualities of electromagnetic field-harmonic energy, radiated by the different electromagnetic field-subharmonics (Sun signs), account for the sun sign influence, which makes its peak imprint while blending with the rising sign influence at birth.

The "house" influence works through the birth imprint and related angular relationships between the field-harmonic life energy radiant sources and the surface of the earth. My guess as to the exact reason that a rising sign has any influence at all would be that a tangential angular standing-wave relationship between the orgone field-harmonic circulating close to the Earth's surface and the specific solar electromagnetic field-subharmonic that radiates in the direction of the rising sign forms a powerful orgone field-subharmonic standing-wave influence at the exact spot where the birth-imprint for the infant takes place. This rising sign imprint operates as more of a characterological imprint and not as much as a genetic imprint. The orgone field-subharmonic that circulates close to the Earth's surface becomes the key element in understanding the rising sign imprint; we live on the surface of a life-form called Earth that field-harmonically merges with other planetary life expressions. I would also guess that the emphasis of the rising sign in the chart over the falling sign could be found in a cosmic energy field-harmonic spectral red shift effect caused by the movement of the surface of the planet toward the rising sign. I should also emphasize that the beginning of what Stanislav Grof calls Basic Perinatal Matrix 4 (first breath) initiates the birth imprint time-lock.

I feel that astrological influence can manifest as a vital or "deep" influence when the individual in question has the opportunity to develop without repressive influences interfering with the natural expression of vital impulse. My understanding of the process behind repressive distortion of expression (secondary drive creation), caused by the anxiety-stasis that underlies muscular armoring, may account for some of the discrepancies between my opinions and the experiences of astrologers who don't recognize the effects of repression in programming individuals to behaviorally "merge with the herd" and deny deep individual expression. Some of the traditional descriptions of the signs sound to me like stereotyped programs that take conceptual root in the repressed expression of that sign's energy and not in the free expression. The promotion of the repressed expression of a sign instead of the free expression may originate from brotherhood-elite disinformative influence over the centuries.

The Grail

The Grail symbolically expresses field-harmonic relation, in architectural fashion, in an object that one can hold in one's own hands. Try and guess how the Grail symbolizes each elementary process as you read. This form of symbolic information storage can enhance the cultural existence of a society comprising people who know the true meanings of the symbols, as they relate to natural process. Unfortunately, in our civilization, the average citizen knows virtually nothing of the true nature of the symbology built into almost every architectural structure and civil institution around them. Brotherhood-elite designed religious institutions often utilize mind-control methods to redirect public awareness away from the true meanings or free interpretations of symbols in favor of dogmatic and contextually compromised worship of a select few symbols. This kind of religious system acts as a holotropic-informative barrier between the public and advanced human knowledge, promoting worship instead of experience. Advanced knowledge never disappears completely from human awareness. An elite class of citizens "who know" the true meanings can initiate a hierarchy of citizenship, based on the centralized control of knowledge, regardless of how dogmatic a mob-population becomes. Mob-populations typically fail to accurately "read behind the lines."

12. Astral Dimensional Reality

Elementary Process

The next higher array of dimensional reality explications, which field-harmonize with our dimensional level of reality explication, can best be described as a series of "parallel universes" or "dream worlds." Hidden in nonlocality, relative to our waking perspective, they unfold experientially (one per dream) and become local relative to our perspective when our perception tunes to this higher frequency field-harmonic and our physical body sleeps in it's own home-dimension. To experientially confirm this, an individual can attempt to remain alert while the physical body "falls" asleep. This discipline requires persistence to produce reliable results, but with results one can confirm that the Astral dimensional array of realities actually exist and in a seemingly endless variety of formative explications. The subconscious mind spans several dimensions, and I hold the opinion that when we perceptually tune into our field-harmonically relative "Inner Light" dimensional level of reality explication, usually during shamantic discipline induced altered states of consciousness, we experience ourselves as stars.

The statistic analytical work of Carl Jung describes accurately some of the characteristics of this level of reality, and Stanislav Grof described this level of reality as "transpersonal." Dream events happen, astral bodies and spirits live, and meetings take place between occultists who can astral project to this higher dimensional level of reality.

Repressive spectral shift reveals itself here in the form of emotionally plagued higher dimensional beings, who like to play "GOD."


A basic problem to solve in order to map time-space dimensional field-harmonic relative process involves the creation of a field-geometric algebra that accurately relates two different time-space dimensions through the field-harmonics that link both dimensions. Relativity theory (Albert Einstein) plays an important role in this process, from a theoretical, experiential, field-harmonic, field-geometric, algebraic, systems analytic, and systems synthetic perspective.

Relative to our dimensional field-harmonic explicative perspective, a higher dimensional reality looks dimensionless, a point field-geometrically representing a higher dimensional field-harmonic relative to our waking perspective. We then field-harmonically relate the point by its field-geometric spectral signature to the field-geometric spectral signatures of our dimensional field-harmonic array. We then build a field-geometric referencing system that emerges field-harmonically within our own dimensional reality explication, relative to this higher dimensional point. As this dimensional level relates through field-harmony to our level of reality, it acts as an energy source for our series of dimensional field-harmonic explications, except for the first field-harmonic elementary process or Aries field-harmonic. It also acts as a source of field-harmonic spectral influence upon our own series of finite field-harmonic dimensional explications. We can visualize this higher dimension as an infinitely large array of points, each point representing a specific "parallel" universe in field-harmonic relation to our dimensional field-harmonic explicative perspective.


The Zodiac symbolizes this dimensional level relative to our dimensional perspective. Pisces symbolizes this field-harmonic relative to its own level of field-harmonic explicative or time-space unfolded reality. I will discuss Pisces in detail later as it applies to our dimension.

The Lie

This level of reality operates, relative to our perspective, as a variety of higher dimensional life forms that may, if they know how, interact with our level of reality from a field-harmonically advantageous perspective. The majority of higher dimensional influences exercise commonsense enough to influence our level of reality on a consentual basis, respecting the natural law of freewill. Unfortunately some choose to abuse, and learn to do so to a high degree of affect. The various vengeful "gods" associated with the various "religions" that emerge throughout world-history, especially in the Middle-East, probably originate as a result of the influence of Astral dimensional entities that choose to affect a mind controlling influence upon some field-harmonic spectrally susceptible human vessel, who then becomes a "prophet" and starts a bloody mob-rampage in the name of "the" new "GOD."

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this position in the tree represents various higher dimensional influences that provide intelligence and technological information for the "Earthly" elite to utilize in the creation of a totalitarian world government. It also symbolizes an "intermediate contact" that creates a new hierarchy for power-elite use. The "high cabal" mentioned by Winston Churchill indicates, in my opinion, the covert existence of an array of "cabalistic" hierarchies (how many pyramids fit inside a pyramid?).


The symbology associated with this elementary process usually portrays living entities that offer guidance and/or exercise influence from "higher" perspective. Anima and animus imagery falls into this classification, with dream imagery also warranting higher dimensional classification.

The obelisk, in my opinion, symbolizes both distorted and undistorted higher dimensional influence in the pyramid and/or light at the top of the obelisk.

The color grey symbolizes this level of reality relative to our own, as does the number twelve (12).

In the decimal number system, nine (9) represents this level of reality, relative to it's own dimension. No number can be assigned to it relative to our perspective. The circle with a horizontal line through it may have interdimensional algebraic significance relating to this field harmonic from a Gemini field-harmonic perspective.

In Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, the black card with the orange Unicursal Hexagram (not available in many decks; get the Belgian O. T. O. deck) represents, in my opinion, field-spectrally imbalanced higher dimensional field-harmonic intelligence influence upon our dimensional reality explication, the field-geometric expression for the Aries field-harmonic being absent in the symbology of the card. The Aeon trump (Neptune) rules this Zodiac.

The version of the Thoth Tarot printed in Switzerland (blue box) contains at least one alteration from the original version of the deck; the triangle in the frame of The Fool trump should have a line running through it.

1. Aries; Our Infinite Grid Source

Elementary Process

This Void, or nonlocal field-harmonic of infinite potential (Albert Einstein's Unified Field) feeds all dimensions, but we will call it our Aries field-harmonic within a field-harmonically relevant frequency spectrum. This field remains fresh under all circumstances and acts as the cosmic "grounding" field-harmonic that absorbs all vibrations without changing. The love that drives our dimension originates in this infinitely large "cosmic diamond" field-geometric expression; an infinite spectral range of infinite distortionless amplitude that carries all finite field-harmony.

This field-harmonic analogues the laser as it relates to the creation of a hologram, only this "laser" beams in all directions and in all frequencies.

I also feel that we approach the age of Aries, rather than Aquarius. Why would our solar system orbit a star or black hole backwards through its signs?


How does one conceptualize the infinite? First, we need a reference point around which to build our concept. The one field-harmonic conceptualization created thus far consists of a higher dimensional array of "reality points," which just so happen to field-harmonically relate to our dimensional reality explication. We then choose an Astral dimensional point of reference around which to build a field-harmonic relative field-geometric conceptualization of the infinite. As you may recall, this point represents one higher dimensional reality explication relative to our perspective, so to create an accurate dimensional map that also maps the infinite in relation to dimensional field-harmonic interaction, we create a field-geometric system that shows dimension within our dimension, but no dimension outside of our dimension, while still field-harmonically mapping another dimension relative to our own. As the mapping of the infinite requires a dimensional expression relative to our chosen reference point, we must create a field-geometric expression of the infinite within our dimension, field-harmonically relative to our Astral dimensional reference point and our own dimensionally explicative perspective.

A sphere initially comes to mind as a geometric figure that could "contain" the infinite, since a sphere acts as the primary archetype that contains the finite realities that we conceptualize as being "of the infinite." Upon further reflection, as the sphere grows infinitely large, it loses its surface and center, as well as any perceptible motion relative to any larger referencing system. An infinitely large grid of cubes, of all sizes, divides an infinitely large sphere that forms a dimensional referencing grid in relation to our chosen higher dimensional reference point. This cubic grid then defines an infinite number of planes relative to our chosen reference point. A field-harmonically relevant frequency spectrum of field-harmonically appropriate amplitude becomes the only conceivable quality associated with this grid that field-harmonically links the grid specifically to our dimensional reality and the higher dimension, defining an infinite field-geometric expression for our dimension.

This field-geometry contains all forms, with no observable relative motion. This field-geometry expresses pure "unbroken" vibration in infinite range of amplitude, with all possible standing-wave geometries for the series of frequencies chosen, vibrating in perfect field-geometric proportion and in incorruptible fashion. Any attempt at spiking or jamming this field-harmonic results in the jamming frequencies being absorbed into the infinite and perfect field-geometry of this field-harmonic. Any attempt to do the same with differing frequencies than the ones we have picked out of the infinite field-harmonic spectrum results in those frequencies being absorbed into a spectrally relative perfect and infinite field-geometry.


The qualities traditionally associated with this sign express the mass-characterological programing influence of an elite class upon almost the entire human race, creating a mass-characterological class structure that foundations socioeconomic class structure within a variety of brotherhood-elite designed civilizations. The extreme danger in this disinformative programming influence lies with an exclusively controlled knowledge of how the programmed or mob-socially controlled secondary drive expressions of a sign relate to the natural expressions of that sign in human character structure and the field-subharmonic constituent of the human aura. Though the primary dimensional field-harmonic associated with Aries remains free of distortion, the relative Aries field-subharmonic within the human aura (Sagittarius) distorts under the repressive spectral shift effected via programing influence.

The "God of War" stereotype associated with this sign acts as a disinformative substitute archetype, replacing older archetypes that describe the natural expression of this sign. Infinite love-intuition and consentual providence more accurately describes the nature behind this astrological sign. In human nature, hasty combat with decisive cunning expresses the distorted nature of this sign.

The Lie

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this part of the tree symbolizes the "filthy riches" or "gold-reserve substitute for love," and a total lack of dependance upon money ("they" live above the economy) that motivates those who choose to virtually de-link from "the infinite."

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this sign symbolizes the capstone of the hierarchal pyramid, the elitist nature of "the artificially infinite" or "filthy rich." These people consider themselves as "gods" relative to "our place" in their hierarchy. They also maintain the ability to put an army or two at every nation's back, thus mirroring infinite instantaneous energy balancing in distorted fashion.


The full spectrum of the color white symbolizes the infinite spectral range associated with this "philosopher's stone" field-harmonic; the infinite reduces even the most disciplined science to philosophical speculation. The ram symbolizes the energizing influence this field-harmonic has upon the finite radical field-geometry of Taurus.

"Fools' religion" best describes my opinion of any religion that advises forcing its own conception of the infinite upon others. The infinite contains enough conceptual room for an infinitely large variety of theological, theoretical, philosophic, and scientific conceptualizations. I can't stress enough how respect for individual freewill makes possible the solution of previously "unsolvable" collective problems. The concept of original sin dupes entire populations into denying themselves the opportunity to channel into creation their own infinite potential to solve problems.

The left eye (the psychically receptive eye) symbolizes this elementary process, as well as the artificial substitutes for this process, an example being the left eye in the capstone on the U. S. One Dollar Bill (a common symbol for the hidden-elite class of black-magi). Bricks, stone blocks, granite, cubes, crosses made from unfolded cubes, standard masonic window-bars, squares, the white square in a priest's collar (the collar is Taurus symbolized), white horses, wolves (lies), and the philosopher's stone also symbolize this field-harmonic.

"The Stone" (truth), the wind on the water, and "The Dragon" of Arthurian legend symbolize this field-harmonic.

The Masonic Guild symbol contains a square rule that symbolizes the infinite grid.

In the Thoth Tarot Deck, The Emperor trump card represents the top-ranking brotherhood-elite, who communicate with higher dimensional entities and design the information exclusive socioeconomic hierarchy that presently rules (or attempts to rule) over the Earth. He wears a grid of squares and crosses his legs into a T (t- square). His hands hold a symbolic pose, indicating a cardinal process. The Hanged Man trump (Pluto) rules this sign. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Wands represent, in my opinion, the top ranking fascist covert monarchy attempting to establish totalitarian rule over the Earth.

The number one(1) symbolizes this elementary process.

In the decimal number system, no number can be assigned to this field-harmonic. A square with a sine wave beneath it may have interdimensional algebraic significance relating to this field-harmonic.

2. Taurus; Radical Initiation of Finite Field-Harmonic Process

Elementary Process

Taurus acts as the initial finite field-harmonic within any dimensional key explication, being the nonlocal radical field-harmonic that initiates folded space, out of which reality "unfolds" or explicates field-harmonically in matter and antimatter time-space locked universes. This radical field-harmonic process, that builds a spherical field-geometry in matter and anti-matter radical polarities, field-geometrically folds infinite nonlocality into a finite nonlocality, within our dimension, that spins the field-geometric web of information that constitutes the Gemini field-harmonic, creating a holotropic-informative finite analog of the infinite (Cancer), out of which an array of dimensional explications can unfold in field-geometric time-space relation to each other, in both matter and antimatter.

This field-harmonic can initialize the creation of an explicate universe that approaches the infinite in dimension (relative to our perspective), as well as the creation of an atom. The elementary particles, that visibly explicate in cloud chambers, "get" their relative spin from this field-harmonic, the specific radical frequency creating relative field-harmonic time locks for dimensional explications that share the same matter or antimatter radical-polar field-harmonic spectral frequency range. One can conceptualize this process as a field-harmonic egg-shell that contains both the local "hologram" of an atom (atomic field-explication), as well as the nonlocal field-harmonic holotropic-informative process needed to create that "hologram" (this process also lends a radical quality to the chakra).

The mathematical concept of zero (0) symbolizes purely finite process, as it acts antithetically to the infinite. The Gemini field-harmonic mathematical symbol, traditionally thought of as representing the infinite (sideways eight), shows both of the radical polarities of this process, symbolizing a finite link with the infinite ("grounding" in the infinite).

This field-harmonic creates the momentum (mass) behind the holotropic-informative process it initiates, finite operationally relative to the spectral range accessed in the Aries field-harmonic, initiating a "moment" by field-geometrically "braking" the infinite or Aries field-harmonic and initiating finite-radical process directed around all Aries infinite-grid planes (a spinning top gains rotational momentum around a specific plane). The origin of the words momentum (moment) and inertia (initiate) may derive from this process (why were these words chosen to describe these physical processes?).

This field-harmonic analogues the diffusing lense in the creation of a hologram, only this spherical "lense" diffuses the "laser" energy of the Aries field-harmonic from all directions.

Repressive Spectral Shift influences within our dimension begin here, and in field-harmonics two (Taurus) through six (Virgo), this influence acts primarily as distorted holotropic-informative process. This field-harmonic can initiate "jamming frequencies" as easily as it can initiate atoms.


Deriving a finite field-geometric expression from our field-geometric infinite-grid of cubes requires the use of a spherical field-geometric expression that operates field-harmonically relative to the infinite grid. The application of cosmic will at this level of reality brakes and spectrally redirects Aries field-harmonic vibrational energy in such a fashion as to create a finite field-harmonic expression in the field-geometric form of a sphere. The spherical field-harmonic comprises a complex field-geometric arrangement of radical processes (toroid), initiating a finite nonlocal "hologram" of the infinite or Cancer field-harmonic that operates in balanced field-harmony with the infinite-grid. The resulting field-geometry reduces the cubes that divide an infinitely large sphere to the geometrical shapes that divide a finite-sphere; shapes having triangular and circular elements that resemble pyramids at a lower field-harmonic interval of cosmic vibrational frequency which converge on a point at the center of the finite spherical field-harmonic, becoming the holotropic-informative process (unfolding space) for our series of dimensional explications or parallel universes (Gemini Field-Harmonic # 3). We might study the dimensional relation between the Giza Pyramids and the Earth's diameter to gain some proportional insight into this process.

This field-geometry creates the initial finite and time-locked relation between atoms, life forms, and celestial bodies within a finite universe. Explicate universes can approach the infinite in field-geometric complexity and vibrational amplitude (relative to our perspective), but can never achieve the infinite without becoming the infinite. The infinite "diamond grid" remains unchanged by finite "quartz grid" influence because of the energy balancing nature of the toroidal grid (Cancer>Gemini>Taurus>Aries).


The human qualities associated with this sign express a strong momentum, complexity, and rhythm. A Taurus can create or accomplish virtually anything in his or her own time. A Taurus can "time-lock" a creative cycle under even the most disharmonious of circumstances. Completed ideas often manifest in the minds of those who have Taurus as a Sun sign for careful consideration and creative reality explication. This complexity allows one to manage a wide variety of tasks, applying just the right amount of energy to each project or task to get the job done on time. The ability to maintain timed rhythm, under all circumstances, stems from the jazz-like ability to perceptually step out of time, often perplexing others. These abilities lend a high-magic quality to this sign. Taurians typically display a knack for working with holotropic-informative process relative to holotropic experience.

Qualities traditionally associated with this sign comprise long-term disinformative brotherhood influence. The "Earthy" stereotypes associated with this sign stem from the brotherhood-elite desire to rob this sign of its natural relation to the infinite in the collective consciousness of a mob-population.

In a programmed patriarchal civilization, "cosmic" Tauruses fail to thrive among the mob-population, and common Taurus males typically waste their considerable energies working long hours in brotherhood-elite designed "mouth breathin" occupations. The cosmic goddess energy that this sign represents can easily become a repressive element within a man's spirit and emotion in the same general fashion that it can a woman's mind and body (P. M. S.). Common Taurus females typically stand a better chance of expressing the true nature of this sign, even if only at pagan festivals or when shopping for a vase.

Taurus energy, as it expresses itself from within the nature of women, helped initiate the resumption of social progress for humanity on this planet. In my opinion, the next phase in human progress begins when this goddess energy flows freely from within men's spirits and emotions. I don't intend to stereotype how this energy operates in every man and woman. I'm only describing an intermediate layer of the subconscious mind here. Please remember, maps that represent every blade of grass in a meadow become the meadow, and a simple statement about human nature fails to describe that nature in adequate detail. I'm just trying to get the point across that femininity in a man's nature tends to center itself within his subconscious mind. Virtually no one in modern civilization understands the vulnerability, flexibility, and endurance of a man's spiritual and emotional nature. A man's heart analogues a woman's body and mind in its cycles, discretion, vulnerability, endurance, and flexibility. Infant circumcision alone can send a boy down the repressive road that leads to becoming unwitting cannon-fodder at the hands of a mob-population and associated elite-class that has no faith in this aspect of a man's inner nature or in the infinite god-force that more easily manifests from within a woman's subconscious mind.

The Lie

This elementary process symbolizes hidden executive influence within the brotherhood-elite hierarchy. The trail that leads to this hidden influence can be traced, but with great difficulty; the "web" of influence analogues holographic film information in its dizzying complexity. Those who master the social analogue of this process can affect influence from behind layers of bureaucracy, intermediate contacts, pay and time schedules, intelligence organizations, overt and covert bureaucracies, police/military organizations, and business fronts. In a pinch, they can act as fall-guys in protecting the covert "filthy-rich" from mob-social retaliation. This "black hand" influence can act as a form of time-lock maintenance, operating between and among various compartmentalized subordinate organizations. The Bilderbergs, C. F. R., Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and United Nations, which together form The Round Table, operate in this fashion relative to the various foreign and domestic relations programs of the major world powers.


The pagan tradition of dancing in a circle around a fire accurately symbolizes the basic operation of this process. When dancing in this fashion, the group often initiates some form of synchronistic (Jung) event. The fire in the center of the circle symbolizes light, whereas the dancing symbolizes the creative or energy binding process behind holotropic-informative process. Rhythmic music, especially a tribal drum beat, symbolizes the rhythmic nature of this field-harmonic. A group that conducts these activities creates a temporary Earth energy-grid chakra that influences the field-harmonic energies that move through or operate in the area. The emergence of rhythmic musical styles may indicate the collective-conscious emergence of this elementary process as a collective healing influence.

The colors black and/or green symbolize this elementary process, black being the antithesis of white and symbolizing the will that spectrally redirects Aries field-harmonic energy in the initiation of finite process. In stories, a black patch over the psychically projective right eye (or the Free Masonic squint of the right eye) often symbolizes the concealment of intension on the part of the wearer. The black cat ("cat got your tongue") symbolizes the "obstinate" or "courageous" qualities associated with this sign (depending on your perceptual perspective on these matters), the cat personifying an independent and vital nature (a mammal that lives close to its amphibian evolutionary heritage). The Orobos (snake eating its tail), black flag, upper-lefthand symbology of many flags (including the U. S. flag), the flag pole (also symbolizes the left pillar of the tree), the May Pole, the bull, the owl (symbolizes 23), the right eye, the letter P, peanuts, buttons, coins, the oyster shell, lots of women, lots of house cats, "the end of the rainbow," the black collar, and the black robe symbolize this field-harmonic, as does the number two (2).

This field-harmonic initiates the decimal number system (essential zero).

The Masonic Guild symbol contains a compass which symbolizes radical field-geometric process and the initiation of "inner measure" or holotropic-informative process.

The Lady of the Lake and Merlin, of Arthurian legend, both symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Hierophant trump card symbolizes this elementary process in imbalanced field-harmonic fashion, as well as the hidden executive role within brotherhood-elite hierarchy. The Hierophant symbolizes a field-harmonic specific fixed process. The Fool trump (Uranus) rules this sign. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Disks represent, in my opinion, a covert monarchy operating at this level.

Spherical street-lamps, perched on top of pillar-like lamp-posts, symbolize Aries field-harmonic energy and other dimensional influence manifesting in our dimension through this field-harmonic, as well as Gemini and Cancer.

3. Gemini; Holotropic-Informative Process

Elementary Process

This field-harmonic operates as the initial unfolding of folded time-space, one field-harmonic interval down in frequency from Taurus. This process still operates nonlocally relative to our perspective (remains relatively time-space enfolded). You can think of it as implied time-space or, as David Bohm described it, Implicate Order. This may explain the interest in "inner measure" among "the ancients," as well as explaining the origin of the word information. I visualize this process as a time-locked field-harmonic flux-phenomena that derives from the radical field-harmonic processes inherent in the Taurus field-harmonic.

Instantaneous time-space travel begins here. Holotropic-informative access to this field-harmonic allows one to navigate time-space, change parallel universes, and shift dimensional levels by changing ones field-geometric spectral signature relative to the accessed dimensional holotropic-informative grid (quartz grid) reference. A nine field-harmonic interval increase (the tree defines a nine field-harmonic interval key) in spectral frequency, relative to our Gemini field-harmonic, allows one to access the Gemini field-harmonic of the next higher array of dimensional explications that field-harmonize with our own dimension most strongly. One of those explications becomes the direct field-harmonic six field-harmonic interval drop in spectral frequency, allowing existential or experiential access to the reality that explicates one complete field-harmonic key interval above our reality or explicate order (David Bohm). The slightest change in the field-geometric spectral signature of the traveling body or "rising" consciousness, while accessing the Gemini field-harmonic, causes a dimensional shift to a field-harmonic spectrally relative "parallel universe" in the dimension accessed. To experiment with this process, one can visually meditate before bedtime with the intention of raising one's overall spectral frequency level, so as to access higher spectral frequency dimensions in one's dreams.

Field-geometric manipulation of the radical or Taurus field-geometric analogous constituent of the Gemini field-harmonic allows the alteration of time-lock, either speeding up, slowing down, stopping, or reversing time as one speeds up, slows down, stops, or reverses the radical-polarity of the radical aspect of Gemini field-geometry, respectively. The radical polarity of the Taurus field-harmonic remains the same during this process, as Taurus field-harmonic radical polarity reversal causes a field-harmonic shift from matter to antimatter (the fixed principle of "zero" divides matter and antimatter). The manipulation of the radical field-geometric aspect of the Gemini field-harmonic simply allows one to "surf" along the Taurus field-geometric radical-grid, as it moves through our chosen Aries infinite-grid, relative to our chosen angular Gemini field-geometric grid. This angular Gemini field-geometric mutable grid comprises the chosen holotropic-informative field-geometry that informs our chosen space-lock. Field-harmonic explication from this space-lock at any given radical-grid time-lock allows existential or experiential access to a specific dimensional time-space locked explicate order.

In my opinion, a secondary electrogravitic circuit, centrally located within an electrograviticly driven flying saucer, allows holotropic-informative access to field-harmonic frequencies above those of the electromagnetic (7) and solar (6) (5) field-harmonics. This secondary circuit comprises a precision array of precisely faceted flawless diamonds (diamonds field-harmonize with all field-harmonics within their own dimension), electrostatic plate devices, and electromagnetic coils, arranged in such a fashion as to geometrically analogue all required field-geometric patterns relative to the shape of the crafts precision hull. The supporting circuitry for this device may require various types of crystals to generate the requisite frequency modulations for its operation. This secondary electrogravitic control-circuit modifies the electrostatic or electrogravitic field generated by the primary electrogravitic drive-circuit, allowing it to field-harmonically "tap" the Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus Field-harmonics sequentially. Simply program into the onboard supercomputer the required matter or antimatter dimensional time-space lock and the supercomputer can then calculate and run the required field-geometric sequence to instantaneously transport one to the desired dimensional explicate order (the switch from a matter to an antimatter universe may be impossible).

When a star becomes dense enough, its solar operational field-harmonic spectral frequency increases or "jumps up" two field-harmonic intervals to become a Gemini field-harmonic nonlocality called a black hole (it emits beyond Lightspeed Cancer field-harmonic toroidal grid-energy). This shift in operational perspective occurs because the surplus field-harmonic energy of the atomic processes that occur in a star can no longer localize and circulate as electromagnetic energy. The buildup of solar-process energy causes an increase in field-harmonic frequency rather than a localization of field-harmonic spectral radiation at a lower field-harmonic interval, thus the star operates as a black hole; atomic-process ceases and the star "disappears" into the implicate. The study of this natural phenomena may assist us in mathematically extrapolating the field-spectral frequency range of the Gemini and Cancer field-harmonics from the observation of their behavior around fully explicate celestial objects, as well as the true nature of gravity as a field-harmonic spectral energy-flow phenomenon; the behavior of electromagnetic, ethric, and material field-harmonic energies still reveals the presence of a black hole as a result of its Taurus field-harmonic initiated mass.

This field-harmonic analogues the holographic plate in the creation of a hologram, only this spherical plate holds information on all possible planes.

Repressive Spectral Shift influence lends a holotropic-informative "Jamming Frequency" quality to this field-harmonic that obliterates the waking consciousness of those attempting to experientially travel to higher dimensions, forcing waking consciousness to "reassemble" either in a higher dimension or in the home dimension, destroying for most people the awareness of Earth-life while "out there" (we live different lives in the dream world). Those that learn, through discipline, to "jam" the "jamming frequencies" live in a larger world.

Synchronicity is a Gemini operation indicating that Karma is also a Gemini-matrix process.


Many computer programers know the considerable utility of triangular forms in creating virtually any complex dimensional form, thus we find a triangular or pyramidal field-geometric expression at the heart of holotropic information storage in nonlocality. These triangular field-geometric expressions act as space unfolding explications of our radically enfolded infinite-grid. This field-geometry field-harmonizes with that of the Taurus field-harmonic and divides into different implied time-locks based upon the resulting field-flux frequencies derived from the radical field-harmonic processes of the Taurus field-harmonic. The radical or Taurus field-geometry initially folds infinite "space," and this lower field-harmonic interval field-geometry begins the series of sequentially time-space unfolding field-harmonic processes. Relative field-geometric orientation (Ordo Templi Orientis) of time-locked radical field-harmonic processes in the holotropic-informative grid defines a finite array of implied matter and antimatter time-space locks (universes) at this field-harmonic frequency interval.


A strong Gemini astrological influence lends a chameleon-like ability to experience and personify different reality-states. A Gemini can experience and personify virtually anything. Contrary to stereotype, these experiences can range from the deeply profound to the interestingly novel. This sign operationally analogues the more ancient shamantic tradition of "personifying god-forms," as well as the black-magic tradition of "intelligence" operation.

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