By James Scott Kimball
05/14/66 5:53 AM, Lewiston Maine

The talk-box class of droid-citizen that proliferates in brotherhood owned media institutions associated with F. C. C. regulated television and radio best personifies the robotic expression of Gemini, a behavior rooted in the idea of saying everything that can be said about nothing important, as long as it fits an emotionally plagued agenda. Instead of being susceptible to possession by in-form-ation, these people seem highly susceptible to possession by the black fingers of hidden executive influence, which also makes them proficient puppet class droid-citizens ("stars").

The Lie

Within the array of brotherhood-elite hierarchies, this spot in the tree symbolizes a very wide variety of intelligence activity, always under the control of some hidden executive influence, whether in the petty form of local police intelligence operative or the more sophisticated form of the Mossad. These people infiltrate every sphere of life, including the "Libertarian" ones, tipping the "odds" in favor of the "black 'and" (Hierophant) and "white ars" (Emperor) brotherhood-elite in controlling collective destiny on our planet, whether the agent realizes the identity of his real employers or not; dropping disinformation, posing as anybody, confusing the mass-mind of a population with conflicting propaganda campaigns (left, right or "independent"), filling the mass-mind full of Hollywood, acting as a go-between, manipulating the "news," writing "books," leading key small-scale military operations, assassinating diplomats, running "show-temples," infiltrating and undermining freedom-promoting public organizations of all kinds, polluting environments, covering up inconvenient archeological finds (Army Corp. of Engineers), instigating wars, acting as "prophets" for new quack-religions (some very large ones too), and "advising" presidents.


The Pagan tradition of jumping over a fire symbolizes the understanding of the nature of this field-harmonic relative to the "circle around the fire" field-harmonic, as well as personifying ones true destiny. Unfortunately, even northern European paganism comprises some rather recent (past 100 years or so) "outer circle" masonic compromises in its symbology, and Mediterranean Paganism fell under brotherhood designed "slaughter animals for The Empire" influence thousands of years ago, but the least "influenced" pagan, gnostic, tribal, and alchemical traditions still contain the least compromised symbolic information. Brotherhood intelligence influence created or recreated most of the major world religions in the image of their own agenda, or "God." If one builds a knowledge-foundation in natural process, one can begin to perceive a basic agenda, hidden in the symbology of the various institutions within various developed nations. Intelligence influence shows up everywhere, often centering on a "show-temple" (Free Masonic lodge) that sits in the vicinity of a capital-building.

The color orange and the number three (3) both symbolize this field-harmonic, probably because this color symbolically links this field-harmonic to solar process as a "light-templating" influence (Mother of God?). Orange ties, chairs (I've seen a picture of at least one orange electric chair), literary themes, tools (Agent Orange), and symbolic backdrops (Nazi flags sometimes have orange backgrounds) often symbolize intelligence operation or influence. Clocks symbolize the time-locked nature of this field-harmonic (you can set this clock too). Various designs of head apparel can symbolize mind control. The noose symbolizes the nature of intelligence influence upon human nature, as does George Orwell's "Room 101." Aleister Crowley's A. A. and O. T. O. symbolize this field-geometry. Most mathematic, algebraic, hieroglyphic, and language symbols fall into this category. Birds of prey, especially the falcon (owl = sick 23), symbolize "intelligence" perspective, as does the tiger and leopard. "The twins" symbolize matter and antimatter holotropic-informative process. A swarm of bees symbolize the "holographic" nature of this field-harmonic, as well as the holotropic-informative process behind socialist-plutocracy and related mob-society. The multiple stab-wounds that killed Julius Caesar and the oyster-shells used to kill Hypatia of Alexandria symbolize the intelligence-operative nature of political murder. The German girl that sang (music is a Gemini function) at the end of Stanley Kubrick's film-version of Paths of Glory symbolizes Germany's "place in the Sun" (Gemini-role in world-affairs). Feces is often used as a symbol for the jamming frequency nature of distorted holotropic-informative process (B. S.). The kaleidoscope symbolizes the first broken field phenomena within any dimensional explication (Lucy's eyes), as does the stem of the Masonic split curve and the letter G. The "Mother of God" is a Gemini level icon. The rainbow is often used to symbolize Gemini.

In the Arthurian legends, Morgana, the lake, and the forest all symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Masonic Guild symbol, the compass and square form a pyramid which symbolizes holotropic-informative process.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Lovers trump card symbolizes the distorted Gemini field-harmonic as an "initiated" operational reality. The Sun trump card rules this sign. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Swords, in my opinion, represents a covert monarchy. The four tens represent the number ten (10) (operational zero) in the decimal number system. The four Queens represent the archetype of motherhood in mob-social fashion.

The narrow shafts in the Giza Pyramid that point toward stars probably symbolize this form of time-space dimensional travel.

The Magic Mirror archetype symbolizes Gemini-matrix operation in nature.

The mathematical symbols associated with algebraic process, such as the equal sign and the infinity symbol (sideways eight), fall under this operational category relative to the decimal number system. I feel the infinity symbol represents interdimensional equality and may symbolize interdimensional interaction in interdimensional algebra and calculus. The mathematical concept of equivalence conceptually derives from the solar process (solve, solution, solvent, etc.); to solve means to "explicate the implicate" or to "implicate the explicate"

4. Cancer; The Nonlocal Finite Analogue of the Infinite-Grid

Elementary Process

This field-harmonic acts as a nonlocal finite grid-energy reservoir for a given dimensional explication, providing energetic drive for all solar [sol (6)] field-harmonic processes, including the solar process that links the electrogravitic drive of a flying saucer to this field-harmonic. Energy from the Gemini field-harmonic flows into a newly "crystalizing" field-harmonic grid, one field-harmonic interval down in frequency, that analogues the infinite-grid on a finite scale. Comprising holotropic-informative process, this field-harmonic can be conceptualized as the "nonlocal virtual diamond-grid," or toroidal energy-grid.

Extremely high voltage electrostatic or electrogravitic fields (Libra field-harmonic), created by close-proximity electrically charged condenser plates (more than 100 trillion volts), field-harmonize a solar field-harmonic (Virgo field-harmonic) that allows the electrostatic field to "tap" (Leo Field-harmonic) the Cancer field-harmonic. Once the electrostatic field accomplishes this, the Cancer field-harmonic "feeds" a tremendous quantity of cosmic energy into the electrostatic field through the solar field-harmonic. One then shunts the excess electric current, created by this circuit, to the motor that drives the generator that charges the condenser plates that create the electrostatic field. This allows the process to continue, utilizing the Cancer field-harmonic as a fuel source. Enough energy becomes available by this means to provide ample free electric current to power a building (even skyscrapers), a vehicle, a flying saucer, a laptop computer, or a vintage P51 Mustang. To get further information on the basic operation of flying saucers, study the various publications dealing with electrogravitics or ether-technology, some of which may contain disinformation. The diamond-array device, mentioned in the previous section, may increase the ease with which one field-harmonically taps this field.

This field-harmonic analogues the general nature of information stored on a holographic plate, only the wider frequency-spectral range, increased range of amplitude, and increased number of interactive planes allows for the creation of a living reality.


The combination of two pyramidal geometric figures results in a new figure that resembles a pyramid viewed above its own reflection in water ("fiery lake"). The most powerful field-geometric expression of this shape approximates the shape of a cube (expression of the Aries field-harmonic). This field-geometric expression operates relative to higher frequency finite field-harmonic intervals, making this field-harmonic susceptible to repressive spectral shift influences, unlike the Aries field-harmonic which the Cancer field-harmonic analogues in finite toroidal holotropic-informative process.


The Astrological Sign Cancer lends a "maternal" quality to the individual. Compassionate care-giving and feeding behaviors indicate a strongly harmonious Cancerian demeanor. Selfish clique-behavior, like "starving the peasants to enrich oneself" or "getting the other guy fired," indicates a disharmonious expression of this sign.

The lie

The traditional monarchy and lordship comprise this slot in the various brotherhood-elite hierarchies. Traditionally, a Cancer-class king acts as the "General Patton" for the covert rule and sends "his boys" (Knights and Cavalry) out to blood-let and bleed all over the countryside, in the murderous endeavor to pollute the Earth-Grid with as much fear and hate energy as possible. A Cancer-class king ensures that conflicts operate according to a plan, provided by the covert-elite, that demands that combat involve ranks and files, out of which a certain percentage of human fodder falls with every volley, littering an entire field with designer human suffering. Even the hand-to-hand combat of the ancient Roman Legions effected a geometrical killing process (killing grid?); the chessboard symbolizes this process quite well. This Earth-Grid poisoning influences every living thing on the planet, including masochistic peasants, compulsive-neurotic knights, and phallic-narcissistic kings, promoting the exploitation of the masses that makes kings ugly-fat.

Today, this process operates in a more subtle and lethal fashion, involving the semi-overt ownership of presidents, the placement of nuclear facilities, atomic bomb tests, river damming, electrical power-grid design and emplacement, TV combat, and eventually the Earth-Grid relative synchronized detonation of atomic weapons, which lend themselves nicely to the role of "terrorist weapon of choice" for a desperate brotherhood-elite. Traditionally, these people's heads role when the mob-population unleashes its rage, the covert-elite remaining, of course, "untouched."


A pair of breasts (shown on many Sphinx images), a playing card diamond, the diamond shaped window, the toroid, the color purple, the chariot, the rose-cross, the rose, the rolling stone, cracked stone or masonry, the number four (4), a throne, "big-big money," a pearl, a donut (Homer), the crab (Cancerian robot-program symbol), and the larger curl in the Masonic split curve.

In Arthurian legend, Guenevere, Igrayne, and the hilt of the Sword of Power, Excalibur, symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Chariot trump card symbolizes the distorted Cancer field-harmonic. The Fortune trump (Jupiter) rules this sign. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Cups represent, in my opinion, an overt monarchy (soon to become covert). The four Aces represent the number one (1) in the decimal number system.

On a more negative note, the Sphinx symbolizes the secretive and predatory tradition of the patriarchal global-elite or black magi hierarchy; the pirate-guardians of holotropic-informative process and field-harmonic relation symbolized in the pyramid.

5. Leo; We Brake for Sol

Elementary Process

A smaller scale radical field-harmonic than that of Taurus, the Leo field-harmonic "puts the brakes on" the Cancer field-harmonic, the Cancer field-harmonic deriving from Taurus' willful radical "touch" upon the philosopher's stone. The radical field-geometric operation of this field-harmonic also runs counter to the radical polarity of the Taurus field-harmonic. The subatomic particle derives from this process as a field-harmonic anomaly. The field-harmonic that derives from this process, one field-harmonic interval down from Leo, comprises a field-geometric array of neutrons, protons, electrons, and photons, as well as other subatomic "particles." This "reality-key" nonlocal elementary process initiates localized explication.

This field-harmonic analogues the image-specific information contained on a holographic plate, only this information creates sol (or an atomic blast when imbalanced). This field-harmonic also initiates, in holographic analogue fashion, larger scale explications like stars, planets, and universes.

The relative charges of atomic "particles" or solar field-subharmonic layers derive from the relative radical-polarities of the Leo and Taurus field-harmonics. Taurus initiates the positive (protons) and neutral (neutrons) polarities that operate out of the Cancer field-harmonic, and Leo initiates the negative (electrons) polarity (Cancer always has "stuff" leftover) that operates in local fashion through the Libra field-harmonic.


The pentagon and the five-pointed star represent the new complexity in holotropic-informative field-geometry, with 36 and 72 degree angles acting as sol-key angles symbolically.


"Champion" best describes the nature of those of this sign; one who chooses a cause and establishes an institution in the name of that cause; one who weathers the storm and stands erect against all opposition. The nature of the cause and action in the name of that cause reveals the nature of this sign's expression; either healthy or unhealthy. The disinformative description of this sign misleads one into believing that this sign symbolizes the solar process itself rather than the field-harmonic that initiates the explication of solar or nuclear process. Those of this sign tend to exemplify either the most "cutting-edge" of emerging truth or the "new lie" that picks at the collective flesh of the mass-mind.

The Lie

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this place in the tree symbolizes small-scale military activity under the direction of intelligence influence. The Knights Templar, pirate raids and boardings, marine landings and raids, cavalry probes and raids, forward reconnaissance flights, fake "enemy" activities, helicopter gun-ship attacks, stealth bomber runs, special forces units, assassination teams (Kennedy, King and Malcolm X), covert demolition units (Oklahoma City), Hitler's S. S., S. W. A. T., F. E. M. A., B. A. T. F., U. S. Marshals, The Fraternal Order of the Police, small high security prisons for "special prisoners," sheriffs, key temporary holding facilities or jails, interrogations, inquisitions, witch-hunts, and death-camp systems typify this form of activity. The police-action in Vietnam exemplifies this form of activity; traditional knighthood typifies this lifestyle.


The color Red (symbolically relates to solar process) and the number five (5) symbolize this field-harmonic. The lion (hunts semi-covertly), the Goddess Kali, the Jolly Roger [a skull and bones symbol superimposes these first six field-harmonics in the tree (12, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)], key-and-scroll, skeleton-key, crossed skeleton-keys, crossed swords, right hand, five fingers, five pointed star, pentagon, Saturn Five Rocket, red backdrop, red flag, a grain of sand in a pearl, the Statue of Liberty, and sword symbols represent various distorted and undistorted expressions of this field-harmonic. The split in the Masonic split curve design symbolizes the cutting action associated with this field-harmonic, and the split curve is often used in a similar fashion as lions are used in Masonic iconography. I think the split curve is the older icon and can symbolize "healthy" Leo.

Lancelot, Uther, the Grail Knights, and the blade of Excalibur symbolize this field-harmonic in Arthurian legend.

In the Thoth Tarot, the Lust trump card symbolizes the bloodlust nature of the distorted expression of this field-harmonic. The Universe trump card (Saturn) rules this sign. The four Twos represent the number two (2) in the decimal number system.

6. Virgo; Solar Process

Elementary Process

The Leo field-harmonic radically "chisels" out particle-like wave-fronts that organize into distinctive field-subharmonic layers, allowing for chemical reaction, one field-harmonic interval down in spectral frequency. The radical process seen in cloud-chambers, as "particles" explicate into manifestation, accurately reveals the basic process behind the creation of neutrons, protons, and electrons as radical field-harmonic standing-wave anomalies that "bloom into" standing-wave explication at the Virgo field-harmonic frequency interval and return back into the implicate. "Particles," in the form of photons, can travel considerable distances before returning to the implicate or "beyond Lightspeed" frequencies. Stars emit massive quantities of photons, indicating that increased mass results in an increase in the emission of the higher energy "particles." Eventually, as the mass of a star reaches a critical point, there can be no radiant energy expenditure at the Virgo or Libra field-harmonic intervals; thus the primary operational field-harmonic frequency of the solar process must increase, so the entire atomic constituency within the star "goes implicate" or jumps up two field-harmonic frequency intervals, leaving behind a black hole (atomic process ceases). If electromagnetic radiation ceases (do to gravity), how can neutron, proton, electron, and photon explication continue, with solar energy binding and radiation centering on a spectrally balanced field-harmonic process with field-harmonic energy input and output? If one part of the energy process ceases, so then must the rest. The high intensity short-term emission of x-rays (Libra) may indicate the return of stars back to implicate field-harmonic frequencies, to become black holes.

This field-harmonic sets True Lightspeed in a given time-space lock or universe, True Lightspeed being a mathematically derived constant for a given universe or time-space lock.


The radioactive symbol, commonly used to warn the public of the presence of a radioactive substance, clearly symbolizes the Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo field-harmonic processes. The six-sided Star of David describes the field-geometric link between nonlocality and locality in holotropic-informative process, as well as symbolizing a holotropic-informative link between dimensions.


Glowing vitality best describes the nature of this sign. Those with strong Virgo qualities glow with a harmonious grace and prefer a harmonious environment in which to be "radiant." "Withdrawn" best describes the robotic expression of this sign. Robotic Virgos often display a "cloudy" and/or "grouchy" (hermit-like) disposition.

The Lie

This place in the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies comprises the visible-elite or prototype-citizenry (puppet-class droids) who personify the artificial face of "the great work of the ages;" the presidents and movie stars that mold the collective human psyche from the boob-tube; the official historians, scientists, philosophers, artisans, and rulers that make up the artificially contrived reality-bubble under which nature suffocates. Those playing an official Gemini role can drop down to this role to put on a show, or they can act as intermediaries for the covert elite. Those playing an official Virgo role, whether as a witting or unwitting robot, must look "clean" in the mass blind-eye, or risk "impeachment."


The Sun, a lantern, the Star of David, the Round Table, the colors yellow and gold, the number six (6), gold (the metal), the smaller curl in the Masonic split curve, the son of God, and infants symbolize this field-harmonic.

The Virgin-Birth, in my opinion, originally described the process of bringing a healthy child into the world with minimal birth-trauma. Virgin only came to mean "no sex" during the European dark-ages. A community that wished to attract a powerful sol or soul into the community organized this process into the community's system of initiation. A woman, who was to bear this child, needed to possess the requisite qualities of a graceful (relaxed) and fully developed physical constitution (fully expressing individual inner-measure), as well as the knowledge of human and cosmic nature needed to bring a child into the world in as harmonious a manner as possible. The community and parents would prepare carefully to minimize the traumas of life in a harsh patriarchal age, including the birth trauma, and provide a healthy environment in which the child could thrive. Part of providing this healthy environment probably involved the understanding of the nature of true discipline, as it naturally manifests in an individual's life. Discipline means learning from example under freewill. Children naturally display a far superior discipline than do most adults because most adults, in a patriarchal civilization, confuse discipline with punishment induced obedience. Punishment means "to make small," repressive virtual de-linking from infinite-potential being a prerequisite for the "making small" of a human being. If Jesus truly personified a "Virgin-Birth," he came into the world under healthy terms, as a result of some healthy sex (Tantra?), and displayed true human potential because his community avoided the destruction of his true nature.

King Arthur, Mordred, and the Kingdom of Camelot symbolize this field-harmonic in Arthurian legend (only the Sun can "pull" the sword from the stone).

In the Thoth Tarot, The Hermit trump card symbolizes this field-harmonic in the eyes of the brotherhood-elite. The Magus trump card (Mercury) rules this sign. The four Kings symbolize fatherhood in mob-social fashion. The four Threes represent the number three (3) in the decimal number system.

7. Libra; The Electromagnetic Field-Harmonic

Elementary Process

Explicating one field-harmonic interval down in spectral frequency from Virgo, the Libra field-harmonic comprises the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

This field-harmonic operates at Relative Lightspeed. I use the term relative because this field-harmonic displays local circulatory characteristics and can be influenced by field-harmonic energy flow fluctuations associated with encounters with the gravity of massive celestial bodies.

Repressive Spectral Shift influence reveals itself here in the form of radiation poisoning.

The standing-wave constituent of this field-harmonic acts as a force-field that carries "particles." The electromagnetic frequencies operate at this field-harmonic level, while the Virgo (6) field-harmonic defines the process associated with subatomic particle behavior. This field-harmonic can be conceptualized as the local virtual diamond grid. Electromagnetic energy depends upon nuclear process to circulate through matter. This field-harmonic and most of the field-harmonics that follow emphasize local operational characteristics in their natures.


The seven-sided geometrical figures associated with this field-harmonic represent an added level of complexity in holotropic-informative process.


Those with strong Libra characteristics typically display an "electric" ability to empathize with others. A more robotic expression of Libra energy might be indecisive indifference or expressed indiscriminate rage.

The Lie

This place in the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies comprises the common commerce of modern totalitarian and artificial-republic civilization. Big business, small banks, investment firms, the "stressed-out" constituent of Wall Street, and 95% of the membership of the local show-lodge. Most people in the bottom half of the tree know nothing of what really goes on in the top half of the tree.


The Seven Headed Beast in the Book of Revelations, balancing scales, lightning bolts, the number seven (7), the bear, and the color white-blue symbolize this field-harmonic.

Grail Knights "searching the land" symbolize this field-harmonic in Arthurian legend.

In the Thoth Tarot, Adjustment symbolizes the distorted expression of this field-harmonic. The Empress trump card (Venus) rules this sign. The four Fours represent the number four (4) in the decimal number system.

8. Scorpio; Spinning the Web of Life

Elementary Process

The first local and radical field-geometric process, the Scorpio field-harmonic willfully spins the force-field "fibers" that one can observed in Kirlean Photography. These force-field lines constitute the aura that surrounds physical life forms.

This field-harmonic responds strongly to thought input, as well as input from repressive spectral shifted jamming frequencies. The form your aura takes shows this influence readily, as any psychic or infant can observe.

Repressive Spectral Shift influences the quality and brightness of the "fiber" produced, lending an inflamed or a murky appearance to an aura. The electromagnetic "fibers" in Kirlean photography can take on a jagged appearance. Psychics may also be perceptually accessing other dimensions to see the colors and imagery in the aura.


The eight-sided geometrical figures associated with this field-harmonic symbolize a new level of complexity in holotropic-informative process, allowing complex formative explications to manifest.


Those with strong Scorpio characteristics typically display a strong but calm meditative will, useful in craft-work. The repressed Scorpio displays an impatient and spiteful disposition and a highly discriminate rage.

The Lie

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this part of the tree symbolizes the police-army that molds society into a civilization. Without police-force and human cannon-fodder, "the system" disintegrates, revealing the distorted social foundation upon which genteel-society thrives, and potentially revealing the "deep" nature upon which natural society thrives. Unfortunately nature insists that one must "drain the puss" before healing takes place (I spew thee from my mouth). The police-army unwittingly enforces the laws that forbid this process, thus allowing the "puss" to build until the "organism" dies. This part of the tree also symbolizes the worship of violent death, both on and off the battlefield (the foundation of American popular culture).


The number (8), the color navy blue or blood red, the eight ball, a skeleton, a toy soldier, a scythe, and the scorpion symbolize this field-harmonic.

Arthurian Grail Knights dying symbolize this level of reality.

In the Thoth Tarot, Death symbolizes this field-harmonic in "twisted" fashion. The Tower trump card (Mars) rules this sign. The four Fives represent the number five (5) in the decimal number system.

9. Sagittarius; The Ethric Double

Elementary Process

The first fully explicate operational reality, operating one field-harmonic interval down in frequency from the Scorpio field-harmonic, the Sagittarius field-harmonic acts as the force-field "netting" or Ethric Template within which physical matter and life-process takes form, this being the Aura, which includes the "ethric double" of occult lore (ghosts exist on other time-space locks, other time-locks being easily accessible experientially, and having nothing to do with the ethric double of our time-space lock). The ethric double carries a considerable amount of "vitality" or energy (as well as weight and momentum derived from its place in the tree as a finite operational order); ethric projection typically exhausts the physical body of the practitioner (dangerous practice).

When viewed directly and fully, it seems to "connect everything to everything," intensifying as it nears an object, which seems (from this perspective) like an image resting in the netting. Kirlean photography captures the strongest expression of these energy-fibers. The aura constitutes a highly organized version of this netting, comprising field-subharmonic expressions of this field-harmonic, some of which can field-harmonize with higher dimensions which can be seen psychically as colored lights and imagery.


The manifest field-geometry of this field-harmonic resembles a highly complex fiber-like netting comprising field-harmonic lines of force. The nine-sided geometrical figures associated with this field-harmonic symbolize a new level of complexity in holotropic-informative process.


Those with strong Sagittarian qualities display a robust and self-assured optimism, with mask-like "optimism" replacing true optimism in a robot Sagittarian.

The Lie

Within the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this spot in the tree symbolizes the influence of parents and the immediate community as representatives of the state in forming the armored human character structure. "The Law" decides how children "will" be raised, and the law says that the same methods Charles Manson used to raise "his children" "will" be used to raise yours. Make no mistake about it, raising children to commit suicide on Omaha Beach analogues the molding of a personality to commit suicide in Jones Town. I can't recommend enough that one read the entire life-work of Wilhelm Reich. His heavily suppressed and pioneering scientific work (Orgone Biophysics) describes in detail the psycho-sociological disease-process (The Emotional Plague) upon which the brotherhood-elite depend for their success in the world, as well as describing the essential nature of orgonomic health and manifest freedom. The brotherhood-elite owned U. S. Government made a point of destroying this man because of his truthful persistence.

The number 666 numerologically symbolizes the three informative operational orders for our dimension in the middle pillar. The three numbers in 666 symbolize the Gemini field-harmonic, the sixes symbolize the Virgo field-harmonic, and the numerological sum of the three numbers equal nine (9), which symbolizes the Sagittarius field-harmonic. The number 666 simply represents the operating processes behind reality creation, as they field-geometrically constitute this operational field-harmonic. As with most information, centralized control lends a dangerous potential to its use, the "micro chipping" of the human population of the Earth being a classic example of this potential danger. In my opinion, microchips can't affect operationally specific influence upon an individual, but instead affects a more general influence, involving the control of emotion and mass characterology (mass stupidity indicates the presence of mass character neurosis); once micro chipped, you can't escape surveillance either.


The cauldron, the fishing net, Silver (the metal), the Seven Headed (electromagnetic) Beast in Revelations (the Earth's Aura made sick), the numbers nine (9) and (666), the color blue,and the Grail (compassion), of Arthurian legend, symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, the Art trump card symbolizes the disfigured version of this field-harmonic. The Priestess trump card (the Moon) rules this sign. The Cups suite symbolizes this "water of Earth" field-harmonic. The four Princesses represent debauched femininity in Earth life. The four Sixes represent the number six (6) in the decimal number system.

10. Capricorn; The Orgone Energy Field-Harmonic

Elementary Process

A grid-energy field-harmonic analogue of the Sagittarian electromagnetic "netting," operating one field-harmonic interval down from Sagittarius, the Capricorn field-harmonic, which from now on I refer to as the orgone energy field-harmonic, slowly circulates through matter and life process. This field-harmonic does not share the electromagnetic field-harmonic's dependance upon atomic field-harmonic process to circulate. The fact that orgonomic circulation generates a small quantity of heat indicates, to me at least, that the mass inherent in the Sagittarius field-harmonic remains present in the orgone energy field-harmonic, even though the circulatory nature of this field-harmonic lends it a perceptually or virtually massless quality. All field-harmonics, operating on this energizing pillar, display no perceived (though sometimes measured) mass (relative masslessness), even though every field-harmonic after and including the Taurus field-harmonic has mass. Orgone energy pulsates at the same rate that biological processes pulsate. Biological tissue holds orgone energy charge and can then discharge this energy. Inorganic materials that do not conduct electricity can hold an orgone energy charge. Orgone energy flows through the atmosphere and the Earth Energy-Grid. The fact that orgone energy has been experimentally observed flowing into areas of the body that seem to correspond to chakras indicates to me that the orgone energy field-harmonic comprises a field-subharmonic spectrum.

Repressive spectral shift in the form of repression (Freud) distorts the nature of orgone, turning it into oranur and then deadly orgone.

The scientific work of Wilhelm Reich M. D. and those that followed in his footsteps can provide far more information about this aspect of nature than I can.


In my opinion, the orgone energy field-geometric standing-wave might only be measured and mapped in a football stadium sized orgone accumulator, and probably shares the same basic diamond shape that the rest of the energizing-pillar field-harmonics share in common. It may also be an important standing-wave influence in the formation of the Earth Energy-Grid. I consider the pulsation associated with circulating orgone and oranur to be indicative of the grid-like standing wave nature of these grid-energy fields. Deadly orgone remains in stasis and fails to pulsate.

A ten-sided geometrical figure symbolizes the new level of complexity in holotropic-informative process.


"Driven" best describes those with a strong Capricorn presence in the birth-chart. "Compulsive" best describes those acting in clearly repressed fashion. Secondary drive is the repressed emotion of this field-harmonic; primary drive is healthy emotion. Secondary drive can be rage or depression.

The Lie

Within the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, this place in the tree represents the "ideal lot in life" for the common man. Suppressed, repressed, and filled with the "Love of Big Brother" (masochistic resignation in depression, masked with "cheer" and religious zeal for "the leader.").


The number ten (10) and the colors sky blue or pink symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Devil trump card (our collective "got goat") represents the repressed version of this field-harmonic. The Wand suite symbolizes this "fire of Earth" field-harmonic. The four Sevens represent the number seven (7) in the decimal number system. The Earth rules this sign.

11. Aquarius; The Missing Link

Elementary Process

Like the rest of the field-harmonics on this side of the tree, the Aquarius field-harmonic directs the field-harmonic energy on the direct opposite side of the tree. The Capricorn or orgone field-harmonic falls on the direct opposite side of the Aquarius field-harmonic. This process follows the same radical pattern seen so far, though operating in complex formative fashion, the observation of the movement of fluid inside the amoeba providing potential clues as to the specific nature of this process. As orgone energy moves, it naturally carries water along. The Aquarius field-harmonic lends the lifelike quality to the superheated plasmas observed by David Bohm. It can even direct the movement of RNA molecules, as well as break the weak hydrogen bonds that hold the two halves of a DNA molecule together by pulling the two halves apart. Remember, the chemical reactions that produce amino acid chains require the close proximity of the RNA molecule to the cell wall; and in a cell's nucleus, the DNA molecule can effect some of the required repairs. The circulation of orgone around the planet at a rate slightly faster than the planet's rotation exemplifies this process on a large scale. Living celestial bodies don't maintain their orbits against large asteroid strikes by accident.

This field-harmonic, like the Scorpio field-harmonic, responds to the will, thoughts, and especially the emotions of an individual (magic can be felt). As the unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and activities of an individual build a counter cathexis process into his or her orgonomic system; oranur and then deadly orgone increasingly become field-harmonic energy constituents in the orgonomic system of the individual. The nature of the operation of the Aquarius field-harmonic may change over time and cancer cells may begin to multiply as a result (the distortion of other field-harmonics may be required to genetically engineer a cancer cell, Scorpio probably being one of them). Inflamation, reddening, and an overly strong pulsating sensation indicates the presence of oranur. Dryness, graying, darkening, bruising, and a lack of pulsation in bodily tissue indicates the presence of deadly orgone, as does the shrinking of bodily constitution.


The eleven-sided geometrical figure represents a new level of complexity in holotropic informative process.


The consentual assistance of those in need describes the base quality of the Aquarian type. The unwitting poisoning of, or meddling with, another's life process, despite "best intentions," expresses the deranged Aquarian nature.


The number eleven (11) and the colors midnight blue and light green symbolize this field-harmonic.

The symbol of a person holding a vase with water flowing out, as though flowing from the infinite, accurately portrays the essential nature of this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Star trump card symbolizes this field-harmonic. The Sword suite symbolizes this "air of Earth" field-harmonic. The four Eights represent the number eight (8) in the decimal number system. The Earth rules this sign.

12. Pisces; Matter and Life Swimming in an Ocean of Light

Elementary Process

This field-harmonic constitutes matter itself, matter being a form of energy. The essential nature of matter and biological life takes root in "beyond physical" natural phenomena. Soon, the very idea that chemical reaction solely initiates a natural process like human thought will seem ludicrous to most people. The study of the nature of the life energy or orgone energy circulating within both the biological and planetary organism will provide a conceptual link in the mass mind that brings people of different nations and the planet together in true-peace.

To verify the existence of biological energy and the basic nature of this energy, one can purchase some rock-flour (powdered rock), pour it into a pint-sized mason jar (while wearing protective breathing equipment), add some spring water (no fluoride), and then boil it in spring water. Over the next 48 hours the bion-culture will build a strong orgone energy charge (seems to get stronger every time you boil it). At first it may be difficult to feel the energy; the repressive influences that ruin and then mold one's character also destroy one's ability to feel life energy (read Wilhelm Reich to find out why). As the orgone energy begins to penetrate through the muscular armoring of the hands and forearms, a "refined" or "high-pitched" static electricity-like feeling and/or tingling becomes perceptable. Images taken with Kirlean Photography remind one of this feeling. This energy soothes and mildly heats as it slowly circulates. Areas of the body dominated by DOR (a static, dry, and stagnant energy) may become temporarily inflamed with oranur energy, then clear up. Areas of the body already dominated by oranur may clear up. Since self-treating with bion cultures, I've managed to reduce my asthma, which formerly "had" to be treated with steroids, to an almost non-existent conditional level (if I would quit eating unhealthy food it might disappear completely). I also recommend that one study the effects that unprocessed and unbaked sea-salt has in improving one's health and intelligence. The chemical concoction we call table-salt poisons the body. This slows or stops the circulation of orgone, creating oranur, which causes excessive water retention and high blood pressure.

Because of repressive spectral shift, one might notice that the effects of age show up in the feet first. As the life-energy wanes, the lower frequency Pisces field-subharmonic of the orgone energy that circulates strongly in the feet (and root chakra area) succumbs to repressive influence first, then turns "stagnant." The "insane" itch that overtakes the feet seems to exist inside the feet as well as on the surface, and sensitive hands notice the "agitated" and "dark" quality of this energy that clings to the fingers and makes the finger joints swell (the dark and jagged geometrical patterns on the Thoth Tarot, Eight and Nine of Swords, reminds one of this energy).

I include the energies of the other celestial bodies of our solar system among the Pisces field-harmonic influences. The Priestess, The Sun, The Magus, The Empress, The Tower, Fortune, The Universe, The Fool, The Aeon, and The Hanged Man trump cards of the Thoth Tarot represent the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto respectively. The Sun has its influence on many field-harmonic levels, including this one.


The twelve-sided geometrical figure symbolizes a new level of complexity in holotropic-informative process.


The Pisces sign has, in my opinion, come under a very strong disinformative influence over the last two thousand or so years. The Romans in particular seem to me to have been very repressive towards conquered populations in underhanded cultural pollution. Why else would scrolls have been buried in hill sides and caves during this era. The symbol of the fish was used by early Christians (now extinct), and may have symbolized the true teachings of Jesus regarding cosmic energies and life processes. I've seen pictures of oil lamps (like Aladdin's lamp) from this era that picture a fish swimming in the direction of the flame, as though swimming in the light. The grasping of the lamp's handle then symbolizes the "grasping" of the message that biological organisms "swim" in energy.

Today, the dominant stereotype for Pisces personalities describes some kind of "way-out-there-cosmic-dude" that must be brought down to Earth or become a drug addict. My experience with Pisces types contradicts this, indicating that Pisces describes a sensitive creature that, if healthy, enjoys a life filled with romantic mating ritual, animal sensitivity to surroundings, earthy wisdom and knowledge, and "contact" with others' emotions. Males especially seem to deny this aspect of their natures in rigid intellectualism, chest pumping, and homosexual bashing behavior. Pisceans in denial can become a petty irritatant for us Taureans, who naturally display some of the characteristics that repressed Pisceans try desperately to force into themselves. Petty networking behind peoples' backs typically fails to get the Taurus "fired," and this drives the repressed Piscean mad. Taureans, more often, have to be "killed" by direct means (can't B. S. a B. S. 'er). That's probably why brotherhood-elite networks have, as part of their design, a means (Secret Service) of disposing of "their own" in secret (look at the Mafia as an example). Trust me, you Pisceans "stink" at keeping secrets, so why bother. Allow yourselves to feel the energy circulating in your legs and enjoy your sensitivity.

The Lie

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, Pisces symbolizes the "little man" or the third world country. We "are," in the eye of "Big Brother," the shellfish that emerges from the murky depths, only to be devoured by his wolves. To effectively bypass the wolves we must emerge in great numbers and claim our "advanced" collective destiny under free individual will. Part of this advanced destiny involves the understanding of Earth, lunar, and solar energy field-subharmonic standing-wave energy cycles, as they relate to nuclear field-harmonic reaction. The detonation of the atomic bomb may require the presence of a field-subharmonic standing-wave peak at the bomb's location involving all three energies. If a bomb were detonated in say . . . those tunnels under Denver International Airport (future underground supplied airbase), we could reason that it must have been a group versed in this knowledge (the brotherhood), and no time would be wasted convicting the next "Timothy McVeigh" (patsy) that "they" provide for us to punish. So far, bombs have only been detonated in carefully timed fashion. Were the bombs that detonated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki dropped by those B-29s, or were they detonated on the ground?


The number twelve (12) and the color green (or black) symbolize this field-harmonic.

In the Thoth Tarot, The Moon trump card symbolizes this field-harmonic. The Earth rules this sign. The Disks suite (Earth) symbolizes this material field-harmonic. The four Princes symbolize masculine tyranny over the Earth. The four Nines represent the number nine (9) in the decimal number system.

The various Knights of the Round Table (signs) symbolize this field-harmonic.

13. Conclusion

National Hierarchy

In the brotherhood-elite array of hierarchies, the various nations probably rank as follows. France ranks as Aries, Switzerland/Italy ranks as Taurus with the Vatican acting as an important point of contact for an underground Roman Empire, Germany/Austria ranks as Gemini ("a place in the Sun"), Great Britain ranks as Cancer, The United States/Canada ranks as Leo, Israel/Middle East ranks as Virgo, Russia/Japan/South Korea ranks as Libra, and China/India/North Korea ranks as Scorpio. Israel plays a central coordinating role and maintains a very large intelligence presence (Mossad) all over the planet, including in the United States. Israel seems to me to be in the process of supplying China with an appropriate technological base to act as the dagger aimed at the United States' collective back, should the U. S. population decide to back out of this United Nations madness. The United States acts as the "S. W. A. T." force for the United Nations and maintains a powerful yet logistically vulnerable military. The emerging Chinese military will be a tailor-made, logistically sustainable, peasant-army for the "keeping in line" of the American knights. I might add that Russia had to be made a full member of the artificial free-world before China could be entrusted with such a powerful military.


How does such a large conspiracy come into existence? The answer lies in the common thread that runs through all conspiracy; the psycho-social disease that Wilhelm Reich identified as the emotional plague. In an emotionally plagued modern civilization, conspiratorial behavior becomes "normal," and no one notices that a man must be turned into a potential murderer/rapist before he becomes a "trusted citizen." Moving up that social ladder and gaining control over more and more of one's fellow citizens, so as to become rich, becomes the "yard stick" for success. If "the other guy" gets kicked to the bottom and winds up out in the street, it's his own fault for not being "superior" like "us normal people." Real ability becomes less important than "who you know." People with real capability often wind up dead in such a civilization, and those with the disease don't know they have the disease. If you can't see your own disease, you won't see the disease in "your president," the bankers, or the various elite "pirates" that run "the show." You won't notice when your friend gets fired for asking questions about the tunnels he has been hired to help dig under Denver International Airport, you won't notice when concentration camps begin sprouting up all over the United States, you won't notice how the ghettoing of target populations into reservation systems and poor neighborhoods mirrors the ghettoing of Jews in Nazi held Europe before and during World War Two, you won't notice when Ku Klux Klan members gain favor with the banks and get loans to open retail chains of all kinds, you won't notice when the government almost gets caught blowing up one of its own Federal Buildings, you won't notice the timing of blatant propaganda campaigns launched by intelligence operatives in Hollywood, and you won't notice that, when you get "microchipped," how you suddenly feel violent, depressed, and stupid. Denial will take on a whole new appearance in the 21st Century. Intense healing energies demand heavy-duty character armoring to hold them at bay. Either everyone gets an honest chance at real superhumanity, or we allow ourselves to become "drugged and chipped" drones and watch the Earth fly apart one day. If you think that our "leaders" can't stoop so low as to build a doomsday weapon out of hydrogen bombs, carefully placed in field-geometric relation to the Earth Grid, I would highly recommend carefully thinking again. These behavior patterns exist everywhere else in plague-society, so why not at "the top." I don't claim to be free of the disease myself; I'm just "sick" of it. Let's all throw off the disease and build true world-peace from within ourselves.

A New Tarot

I also recommend the making of a new Tarot that represents these field-harmonics in a spectrally balanced fashion. The trumps need only be modified in this direction; and replace the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses with mother, father, daughter, and son.

The cards representing the decimal number system hold an important key to the understanding of interdimensional algebraic relation. Taurus initiates holotropic-informative process with zero as an essence, linking reality to the infinite. The infinity symbol operates out of Gemini, as do all interdimensional operational symbols. Cancer would then operate as one (1) and Pisces as nine (9). A more complex and operational version of zero (0), operating in Gemini, would then be ten (10), which starts a more complex decimal sequence in Cancer (11). Taurus might be thought of as the divisive elemental process ("glory fades") that initiates each new decimal sequence. The resulting interdimensional algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus might resemble a modern alchemical alphabet in it's overall structure, with twenty-six essential operations representing each field-harmonic in matter and antimatter; the two essential operations for Aries work as more of a polarized geometrical and spectral representation of Aries from a matter and antimatter approach-perspective.


To help accelerate the various natural healing processes, try the following breathing exercise, preferably in a well ventilated room, with no television, computer, or microwave present. After getting home from work, shower and relax for a bit. Lie down on your back with your head comfortably propped on a pillow (I use bion cultures as a pillow). Relax every muscle in the body. Elevate the knees to a comfortable position by moving the feet near the buttocks, allowing the belly to move through its full range of motion. Apply a bion culture to any area of the body that needs healing (don't apply one to the heart without a doctor's approval; orgone can affect the electrical aspects of bodily function and the heart may skip a beat). Close your eyes and empty your mind of thought. Relax the jaw muscles but keep your mouth closed. Begin slow and deep breathing through your nose. Initiate inspiration and end each expiration with the belly. The belly should move through its complete range of motion but with no straining. Continue to relax, empty the mind, and focus your awareness on a single aspect of the breathing process for twenty to thirty minutes. The movement of air through the nasal passages activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body. Mouth breathing makes one ready to "fight or flight" and is best practiced under qualified supervision for therapeutic purposes The venturi action of the nasal passage forces air into the bottom of the lungs, which increases the efficiency of breathing. This exercise combines the benefits of mild deep breathing and meditation into one exercise. If the nasal passages swell and become blocked, apply a bion culture to the area. Care should be taken with bion cultures in regards the skull. Deadly orgone energy in the skull cap can turn to oranur before it is cleared from this part of the body. The excessive water retention associated with oranur my cause an acute migraine headache. When treating the head with orgone, taper into the treatment over a period of a few weeks. Start with five minute treatments and taper into thirty minute treatments. Avoid treating any part of the body with orgone for more than thirty minutes at a time, especially the head area. I also feel that one benefits from practicing guided visualization exercises to balance the effects of traditional meditation.


The problem of gravity may prove to be interdimensional in nature. As aetheric energy steps down in frequency while passing through the nine field-harmonic intervals, it eventually passes out of the dimension. This results in a net flow of aetheric energy toward material objects because a certain percentage of the energy that becomes part of the material field-harmonic interval steps down in frequency enough to drop out of the dimension. This flow of aetheric energy towards massive celestial objects results in gravity, as the energy interacts with smaller material objects and pushes them in the direction of flow. To produce dynamic counterbary, one builds an electrogravitic lift surface out of highly charged condenser plates, separated by a high K dielectric. The condenser plates will cause aetheric energy to move in the direction of the positive plate, opposing the flow of aether towards the center of mass of the celestial body to be left behind. The lift surface will then move in the direction of the positive charge (Townsend Brown).

Because black holes radiate holotropic-informative field-harmonic grid-energy, they act as aetheric energy conduits in the energy balancing between dimensions; aetheric energy entering a black hole can step up in field-harmonic interval frequency.

The Village Flying Saucer

How will free people live in the future? The centralization of everything will cease. The "urban sprawl" preventive programs will fail to force people into the cities, where they can easily be controlled by Free Masonic police-presence. The attempts by the brotherhood-elite to spread viral plagues will fail because the people will learn the true nature of genetic engineering and cure all viral disease. The eugenic population control socioeconomic systems, emplaced by the brotherhood-elite, will fall by the wayside and people will raise only as many children as the now freed land can feed. People will understand the various systems in nature and how they interrelate. People will understand the value of unprocessed and unbaked sea salt. They will eat nutritious sourdough breads made from organically grown grains that were ground in stone grinders the same day the bread was baked in a stone oven. People will work with super advanced technologies that do no harm to living systems. The pride of the village may become a large hand-built flying saucer and related onboard supercomputer. The same work that once went into building a cathedral might be applied to creating a beautiful machine that can be utilized to transmit healing energy to a planet, explore the moons of Jupiter, and act as village supercomputer server via beyond-Lightspeed communications devices installed in each household. People could sign it out for educational, experimental, recreational, and transportation use.

All work done in the free future will be of a truly voluntary nature (study Wilhelm Reich's work relating to natural work-democracy), and there will be no problems getting things done. Only about four hours or less of work a day will be required to thrive naturally. The rest of one's time can be spent with family, in solitary contemplation, or any activity one desires. People will provide for themselves every opportunity to evolve under free individual will. Adults will be free because they were free as children, to evolve in accordance with free individual holotropic-informative process. There will be no prison, homelessness, cancerous bureaucracy, taxes, war, or centralized political and financial power brokerage with which to threaten people into obedience. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and its large network of concentration camps will be a long forgotten absurdity. People will not believe you when you mention that, during the early twenty-first century, people allowed themselves to be treated like beasts of burden and were required to register with the post office to get trucked off to a work-camp. People will laugh at the idea of a centralized world government that covertly creates problems and then offers "the only solution."

The potential to "remember" the future remains always within each of us. To create a free future, avoid violence of any kind, as this always plays into the hands of the brotherhood-elite. Organize to remove public support from the various police-bureaucracies that hold us all down, including the F. D. A. , F. C. C. , C. I. A. , F. E. M. A. , B. A. T. F. , F. B. I. , I. R. S. , the Federal Reserve and other freemasonic banks, the military, S. W. A. T. , Fraternal Order of the Police, and the Guardian Angels, to name just a few. We don't need Free Masons to built a bureaucracy and civilization for us. We can collectively express our own free society that dwarfs any pseudo-Roman culture ever dreamed of by any Free Mason in beauty of free-institutional harmony and cultural expression. Dependance upon police-force to maintain an institution reveals the underlying antisocial nature of such an institution. Soc-iety doesn't mean mob; it means living entity comprising social interaction. Free society requires free social interaction.


The Tree Confirms Egalitarian Polar Relation


Before reality explicates, the prime field-harmonic or void has both masculine and feminine properties; implied energy and form can be conceptualized as aspects of the void. All possibility for energy and form derive from the one word which no name can describe. Holy-books only conceptualize all possibility, and wars have been fought throughout history in the name of controlling these conceptualizations. Men and Women comprise both masculine and feminine natural processes within their natures and touch the stone in their subconscious minds. All forms of sexual discrimination demean the potential of both the victim and the rights violator. To create existence, the void divides itself and creates the first broken field (the Mother of God Matrix of Gemini). The energizing or masculine polarity operates through incorruptible Aries and the feminine through the unfathomable will of Taurus. I think the ram's head symbolizes the braking action which redirects Aries line-vectored force into a curved force-vector-array that makes possible the breaking up of the prime-field into lower spectral frequency standing wave field-harmonics. Picture two rams butting heads, with a plane superimposed between, and you will see radical-polar matter/antimatter creation symbolized. Now, picture this happening along all possible planes, at all possible points, and at all frequencies and you might have some idea of how an infinite multitude of dimensions could be created.

The balance between masculine and feminine, as shown throughout the tree, with masculinity emphasized in right pillar and femininity emphasized on the left, also finds expression in the middle pillar with Gemini and Sagittarius emphasizing the feminine and Virgo and Pisces the masculine.

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