New Nibiru Update from the Galactic Federation's Nibiruan Council
By Devin thru Jelaila Starr

Nibiru Update: December 11, 1999

As you were given some time ago, the flagship Nibiru is in your solar system and in orbit around your sun. Its current position is on the opposite side of the sun from earth. Eventually you shall meet as two ships passing in the night.

Due to its massive size and even stronger magnetic grid, Nibiru's passing has been known to cause massive earth changes along with pole shifts. These occurrences have been well documented in your ancient records.

But due to the fact that the people of earth are ready for spiritual graduation and ascension to the next level of awareness, Nibiru will take on its other primary role, which is that of a catalyst for planetary ascension. Besides being a peace keeping force in your galaxy, Nibiru assists planetary schools ready for graduation by being what you might call a double edged sword. If the beloved people of earth wake up and see this magnificent force for what it is, then they will take advantage of its power and use it to move their planet beyond the frequency and destructive power of its magnetic field thus avoiding another cataclysmic pole shift.

As we have all come to understand, change does not occur without a catalyst so Nibiru will play the role of earth's catalyst.

Do not fear this flagship, they have no desire to bring harm. The people aboard Nibiru do not see the people of earth any differently than they see any other race of beings ready for entry into the galactic neighborhood. Though Earth's ascension has major universal implications on one hand, on the other it is just another routine graduation to the Federation members aboard Nibiru. They have done this many times for many planets and races.

An example would be the time they assisted a group of Andromedans and their planet. Though there were a few setbacks due to the fact that the Andromedans were an android race who had not yet acquired a full emotional body, the ascension and acceptance into the GF did occur. The same procedures applied then as now.

So as Nibiru flies through the star studded space of your solar system, life on board the ship is the same as usual. They are aware of earth's ascension status and are providing the usual assistance.

For example, they have placed objects near the surface of the sun to not only provide fuel for the ship to make the swing around the sun, but also to redirect a portion of the intense solar flare activity, that always accompanies a planetary ascension, away from earth. They accomplished this by sending their scout ships, known to you as Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Lee, ahead determine the sun's status and report back information that enabled Nibiru to plan a course of action to protect earth from the suns activity. Nibiru will continue to provide any necessary protection your planet will need to complete its ascension process. And Nibiru will continue to do all that is necessary to protect earth's rights to ascension within the guidelines of the Universal Prime Directive.

When Nibiru will uncloak to be seen in all of its beauty by the people of earth will depend on when you are ready to accept its presence in your life. As a Galactic Federation flagship, they are aware of the conflict and problems that can arise when a planet is exposed to knowledge they are not ready to accept. Please know that Nibiru will not appear to you until the mass consciousness of the planet is ready to accept it.

We are aware that there are those currently in control of your planet who are attempting to manipulate Nibiru into uncloaking during a particular time and alignment of the planets. This, too, will not happen. Though we understand the fear that causes them to want to use Nibiru as a means to frighten the people into submission, they will not succeed since Nibiru is not the menace, filled with beings intent on the destruction or enslavement of Earth, as these individuals would want to you believe.

Though it is true that there may be one or two small groups of beings on Nibiru who wish to control earth, they do not speak for the majority, and are not in control of the flagship. The massive uprising and takeover of Nibiru by Marduk is over , and those who wish to return to Nibiru's original purpose as a peace keeping force are back in control. These small groups of resistance will create their own downfall through infighting. They will eventually render themselves harmless to you. But for now we allow them to continue, as they are part of Earth's ascension plan, and therefore, are playing the role of those who would oppress you. Like we said before, change does not occur without a catalyst. Freedom does not come without an oppressor.

So let us say in closing, that Nibiru is near, just on the other side of the sun. When it does uncloak you will most likely see it appear first in your southern skies. When it will uncloak is, of course, up to you. It could be as soon as 2001, or as late as 2012 AD in your earth time.

For now, everything is as it should be. You are on track with your ascension. We look forward to welcoming you to the galactic neighborhood.

Joyous Blessings,
Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation's 9D Nibiruan
Council of Elders

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