Verdite Legend and Guyra Dam
submitted by Tom Austin

The Americans call this synchronicity. Recall the OZ UFO crash at Guyra Dam? Caverns found under it? It may be all BS and coincidence, but then again.........
Regards, Tom.

The Story

Ancient Writings

Deep within the forest of Verdite lay a hidden cavern. Concealed among the stalactites of the mystical and holy place was a monument erected for the Highest Elf. The monument was inscribed with the ancient writings up on its base, and only the direct descendent of the Highest Elf was able to decipher the writings, which said:

"It is written. A great ship has fallen from the heavens. It struck the Island of Melanat, and was buried deep within the Island. Those who come from faraway lands to seek its buried treasures shall never return alive. Never approach the island...for the sleeping beast in the darkness awaits the great awakening."

The Island of Melanat

There are three countries on the northern continent: Granatyki, Egret, and Verdite. In the midst of these countries lies the mystical Island of Melanat, controlled by the forces of good and evil.

In ancient times, the high-elves discovered the island and built a holy shrine. After the shrine was erected, monsters hidden in the islands' underworld arose and killed most of the high-elves. Those who survived later died from mysterious poisons.

Thousands of years later, the northern countries were unified and under the control of the powerful King Harvine. Harvine attempted to build his castle on the Island of Melanat, but monsters again arose and attacked the King's men. Harvine was forced to retreat to save a few men that had left. Because of his retreat, he lost power on the northern continent, and he could not over come the Great War on the continent. The land was then divided into three countries, Granatyki, Egret and Verdite.

Legions of monsters then emerged from within the island and crossed the rough channels to the northern continent. Egret and Granatyki were completely destroyed and lay in ruins. The people of Verdite now fear for their lives and their country, knowing that soon the Kingdom of Verdite would be invaded.

The Legends of the Lands

Many villagers believe that there is either a good god named Sieth (the White Dragon)or an evil demon known as Guyra(the Black Dragon) living on the island of Melanat. There is a legend that has been passed down for centuries telling of the valuable crystals that can be found on the island. Because of this legend, many poor people have crossed the channels to the island in search of its hidden treasures. Those who survive the crossings are subjected to the evil poison that is on the island, and they become the slaves of this mysterious poison. It is said that once a person has been infected by the poison, they cannot leave the island.

However, the legend also speaks of two kinds of water on the island. One water is purifying and can free those inflicted by the poison. No one knows where the purifying water can be found. The powers of the other kind of water is unknown.

The History of Verdite

A young warrior named Alfred returned to Verdite from the island of Melanat, where he had been searching for his father, who had left many years ago to slay the evil monsters on Melanat. Although Alfred did not find his father, he did survive the tribulations of the island. The soldiers spied upon the weary Alfred, as he approached the Castle of Verdite, and opened the gates to let him in. The eldest of the kingdom shouted, "It is truly a miracle! Alfred has returned from the mystical island of Melanat alive!"

Alfred then began to tell the villagers the stories of his adventures. The monster that Alfred had gone to slay was actually the former king of Verdite, who had turned evil and was now known as a Black Dragon. Alfred told the townsfolk about his search for his father, and about fighting with the Black Dragon. Alfred then showed the villagers his greatest treasure- the Great Moonlight Sword- which he had found on Melanat. The Villagers were captivated by his heroic courage and shouted "Alfred is to be the new King of Verdite!" Alfred was then crowned King Alfred.

The Fall of Verdite

Over the next few years, there was peace and joy in the Kingdom of Verdite. Then something very terrible happen. the monsters appeared in the caverns near Verdite. King Alfred went to destroy the monsters, but found that his Moonlight Sword had been stolen. Without his powerful sword, King Alfred was unable to defeat the monsters.

King Alfred the dispatched an extensive search party to hunt for his treasured weapon. The soldiers thoroughly searched every villager, but the sword was not to be found. While the soldiers searched for the sword, they found a letter deep within the forests of Verdite. It was written in ancient writings that could only be deciphered by the descendants of the high-elves, and it read: "Necron seeks the powers of the Moonlight sword. He lives on the mystical island, in the midst of the northern continent. Necron controls the island of Melanat."

King Alfred then immediately sent his soldiers to the island, in hopes of discovering the truth about the island and finding his magical sword.

But his soldiers were never heard from again.

The Great Journey

Several months later, the King's best friend, Alexander, arrived at the Castle of Verdite to visit King Alfred. King Alfred told Alexander about the missing sword and about the monsters near Verdite. Alexander proclaimed that, with the King's permission, he would go to the island of Melanat and destroy the monster, and bring back the King's sword. The King granted his permission, and Alexander began his journey.

While crossing the channels to the island, Alexander's ship was attacked by the Creatures of the Sea, and was completely destroyed. All the King's men were lost at sea, except for Alexander who became entangled in seaweed, and drifted to a small reef. When Alexander regained consciousness, he lifted his eyes and observed an island in the distance. He slowly swam to the shoreline, losing his weaponry and armor in the murky waters. Alexander crawled out of the sea, and stumbled courageously towards the caverns of the island.

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