Using the power of the Third EYE!
by John V. Panella

I thought it would be fun to add this small workshop into the list of my previous articles. I wanted to share a few secrets that would enable some to use the power of the Third EYE. First I wanted to explain a little about this phenomenon. I believe most have heard of this term yet few really understand what it is or how it is used.

Going back to the ancient myths we have all heard of the one-eyed Cyclops. We have seen through artists drawings or through visual arts that the single eye is located in the lower center of the forehead, approximately stationed between the two eyes location and just slightly above. Over the years this term has been given very little attention as to its over all importance in one's life. In a sense it has been relegated to a mythical theory based on very little factual argument!

Well I am not here to try to explain the old myths and their theories, I simply want to address the reality of the third eye and that it is a power that each of us have once we begin to learn the secrets of its function.

In trying to simplify the technique in using this gift, we first need to understand what it is. We all understand that each of us have two eyes. Now some may not have them in working order but the human was given two eyes to see with. However when one peers through these lenses they find that they see in single vision. Even when one looks through eyeglasses or binoculars you are still seeing in singular vision, yet you are looking through two eye lenses at the same time. However when we do this we do not see double. The eyes take the spectrum of colors and blend them together as one. It is as if you were looking out of one eye instead of two.

It is very strange how are eyes seems to function. The pair of eyes functions as a single telescope lens. If you took your right hand and formed a small circle with your hand, and held your hand directly in the center of your two eyes about five inches away. You will be using both eyes to see through one circular opening, one lens. Now if you close only your right eye it will appear as if nothing changes, the circle being formed by your hand will still seem to be in the center. It is as if you did not need both eyes to view through this circle. However if you close your left eye afterwards something occurs. Your hand appears to have moved slightly to the left. It is very interesting how the brain detects light and how both eyes are used to create a synthesis. Yet when you begin to vary between the use of the eyes things begin to change.

You have to ask yourself why is it that you could close your right eye with your circle formed directly in the middle and nothing changes, yet when you close your left eye after you closed your right eye, your sight then changes the way the object is viewed. Yet if you started by closing your left eye first then your right eye would make the change. It all comes down to focus. The reason the two eyes become one is because of the focus.

Even though you are peering through two portals you are still seeing as if you were looking through one. The two eyes worked together to pin point the focus in the center. If you were to try another experiment try using a credit card or something similar such as a drivers license. Place this card standing upright in the center of your two eyes. Now do your best not to look at the card, attempt to look through the card. When you do this it will appear as if you are seeing right through the card as if it was invisible. Again your forward vision will still be singular as long as you are not trying to look at the card. Yet you would think the card would divide your vision into two segments, yet both eyes are still able to react as if you are seeing through one eye even though there is this large object centered between your eyes.

Now move this card slowly out about 2-3 inches from your face while still peering through it; it will still seem as if you are looking right through the card in the center. If your eyes stay focused on the object that you are looking at beyond the card, it will remain whole even though you are partially blocking your vision.

The principle behind this experiment is to show you how your two eyes react as one eye. And that one eye is in the center of your vision. Meaning the eyes are neither right or left they are centered. This is to reveal the truth of the Third eye. The third eye is centered vision!

Now what you have been doing is a physical experiment to see how vision works in its simplest manner. You are only using your two physical eyes, however the way the brain gathers the light and synthesizes it, it reacts as if you are looking through the middle of your forehead and not through two different portals. Why is this important? The physical body and brain was designed to enable our consciousness to function properly. The eyes are truly the windows to the soul!

The mystery behind the third eye is to understand that our physical ability to see is not brought about by human biological eyes, but is brought about by consciousness, energy. The eyes are designed to enable us to gather information while living within these containers. However the process of assimilating this information is brought about by our consciousness. The assimilation is centered! Our consciousness then in truth is our eyes. Without it we would be basically inept and without knowledge. We would be more like zombies unable to discern what is coming through. Yet on the physical level it appears as if our biological eyes are the only tools to see with!

This is the error in our thinking! Now let us begin to break this down. Our consciousness is not physical, it is a spiritual energy, a power beyond the flesh and blood. Our consciousness is what brings awareness unto us. It is our true ability to see! Our consciousness abides within this human tabernacle as if one was playing a virtual reality game and they placed a certain headgear upon them so that they could interact within the game. The headgear gives its own images through the varied light spectrum. However it is still our consciousness that enables us to see what is really going on. We are still using our mind's consciousness to play the virtual reality game. The game itself does not change the real you, it only gives you another awareness through a different mode of imaging.

This is precisely what is occurring while we exist within these human temples. The real you and me the one that is truly the conscious aspect of our true selves are the ones that gather the info while in these bodies. The real you and me have a true vision, a single vision, but it is able to see all things everywhere. Why, because it is conscious awareness! When the real us abide within these physical containers we are using the apparatus that we are wearing to perform the same duties we could normally do without any of this.

Simply what I am trying to say is we all have the ability to see without our human eyes. We can all see through our conscious eyes, the Mystical Third Eye. True consciousness is aware of everything at all times. It can see everywhere! If you were living in the United States, your true consciousness can see Europe from where you are at present, even though the human eyes cannot. If you were to stop using the human eyes and began to transfer back to your conscious third eye, you would be able to see as clear as if you were there, people and places and things hundreds or thousands of miles away. Your third eye has the ability to also see into the past and the future. This was represented by the ancient myth of the all-seeing-eye of the Cyclops. As I have said many times, myths are there to reveal ancient knowledge that has been lost. They are only termed Myths by an unlearned people.

Now that you are beginning to understand the Third Eye I would bet you would love to turn your EYE back on? That is exactly what has occurred. While living within these matter bodies we have forgotten the hidden secrets of our divine ancestry. Because of this we have literally turned our third eye off. We are not using it like we should or could! Turning the third eye back on is very simple, but it takes will and effort and most of all belief!

If what I am saying may seem very farfetched then chances are slim that you will be able to turn it back on. Remember that it is truly consciousness that sees not eyes that see nor the brain. To begin this practice you must quiet the mind and become peaceful in spirit. You need to shut off the daily grind and activity that permeates our lives. To do this takes practice.

To begin I will lay out a formula that can work if you use it properly. Don't ask me why this particular formula works better than others do because I do not yet know why. But it works best for me and reading other authors it seems to work the best for them also. When you have the opportunity you need to pick a day that will fit your schedule so that you will be able to perform this. I am not guaranteeing any instant success in the beginning, however with practice you will be amazed by what you will learn and what you are able to do with your third eye, the eye of consciousness.

Set aside a time when you go to bed in the evening to wake up much earlier than you usually do. I recommend between 5-7 in the mourning. Now all this depends on your work schedule and other events, as well as you may work a graveyard shift. If this be the case then just shift the hours accordingly. Here is what you need to do. Wake up several hours before you normally do. The earlier in the morning the better as long as it is not before 4:00 AM, now this is my feeling others may feel different. Get up and do something, read, work on the computer. Do not turn on all the lights. Keep yourself in a state of sleepiness. You need to stay awake for at least 1-2 hours. Example, if you got up at 5:00AM and normally do not awaken until 8:00AM, then simply stay awake until about 6:30-7:00. I would recommend that you read something pertaining to this subject, however that is not necessary but it is effective.

At this point you should be very tired. What I want you to do is go back to bed in a quiet spot maybe you will need to lie on the couch so that you do not bother your mate or wake them up. While lying down you need to begin to repeat to yourself quietly these simple statements.





Continue to repeat this while you are lying flat on your back silently in your mind. When you say, "I have always had this power within me, believe it with all your mind, heart and soul! Continue to do this until you notice that you are beginning to fall asleep. Then begins the fun stuff!!!

None of this should take more than 15 minutes as long as you are sufficiently tired. Now is when you want to use the power of the third eye. Try something simple at first. Let's say you want to see a friend that lives in another state or country. Begin to visualize yourself with your friend. Visualize the surroundings they are in. Feel the air! Taste the air! Feel that you are there with every fiber of your being. Then turn over on your right shoulder with your head lying on your arm with your arm extended out close your eyes and keep thinking while you begin to fall asleep.

Now I do not want to spook you here, you might immediately experience a dramatic event. Some may have some wonderful experiences others may not experience anything. Do not be shocked by whatever may occur, just keep calm. If you begin to see things in the center area of your forehead then just go with it. You might even feel as if you are physically somewhere else. Well you may be, but you also may be somewhere else in the astral plane or out of body too. Or simply you just might begin to see images within the center area of your vision. You might even fall asleep when something does occur and then when you wake up you will be aware that something very different happened. Just keep practicing with this and you will begin to really see!

I am not going to try to lead you into a certain belief of what may happen or not, I want each person to experience their own third eye the best way they can. Each person can and will experience some powerful things. I would then ask all of you to go and rent the movie, "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves. This is an excellent movie about time travel. In this movie Reeves uses the Third Eye to transport into another time period. What he did really does work and with a lot less effort. I know I have traveled in different place as well as back in time using this method.

In conclusion for those that do not want to step out and try this fearing the unknown then start simple. Just find a quiet place and close your eyes. Begin to vision as if you were looking directly through your third eye about the middle of your forehead slightly above your two eyes. Just keep looking within. You may be stunned to find out that you will see things. Yes even moving images of people or places and also in brilliant colors. Just keep working on it and you might amaze yourself to the power of the third eye! Even within the Nag Hammadi it was stated I believe when Jesus was speaking to Thomas he asked him to close his eyes and then tell him what he sees. Have fun with this and learn once again the art of using the third eye, our real conscious awareness!

John V Panella

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