The New Jersey Energy Vortex

Members of the Chippewah Nation visited the Wanaque, NJ Orbsite, to bless the ancient native burial grounds located there, during this past two weeks, in a ceremony almost 400 years overdue. The Orbsite sits on Delaware Tribal land adjacent to a Defense Munitions Plant which was built there in the late 19th century.

Orb Beings were filmed observing the Ceremonies during which the Native Chippewah's most senior spiritual elder offered blessings to the Creator to allow ailing souls from the burial grounds, largely disrupted by Industrial activity in the area, to be freed to take their place in heaven. Of all the people who reside in the US, the Native Americans are among the only who continue to be perennial visited by open persecution, repression by the government and open abuse, tolerated mainly because of their small number and very unique religious ways.

The elder spiritual leaders of the Chippewah Nation came to NJ for the Ceremonies, and also visited the original lands of the Chippewah in the Nyacks of New York. Some of the leaders indicated that were they visited in the Dakotas by the vast number of orbs found at the Wanaque, NJ site, that they would not really know what to do. They visited with Bryan Williams and Sandra Rehl, who showed them samples of the tens of thousands of images taken by them during studies of the energy doorway which has been identified at the NJ Vortex. There is a general opinion among the Native Americans that a possible calamity may be facing humanity during the next five years, and they believe they have an obligation to go wherever and whenever it is required so as to perform certain Ceremonies which, in their religion, respond to the call of the Creator and such spirits as may be found responsible for the presence of the Orbs in NJ, so as to avert a disaster that modern society may be entirely unawares of due to possible spiritual decline, and antimony towards the unexplained.

Members of Team Orb who observed the religious and spiritual interaction concerning the Chippewah elders and the Vortex, and who discussed the matter of orbs with the Native Americans, commented: "It appears that the perception of the European Settlers 500 years ago that Native American Tribes were 'savage', appears quite incorrect. It appears that the Settlers were the savages, as we are just now beginning to discover things that the Native Americans knew about all along."

The NJ Vortex energy doorway, discovered several years by Bryan Williams, a student and scientist of the metaphysical... appears to be a conduit through which free roaming, intelligent beings are using an unknown technology to keep a surreptitious eye on us Earthlings. Study teams, including those of the US Army, the Department of Justice, the CIA and the private groups such as Team Orb, have found an alarming variety and numerous presence of the unexplained "orb phenomena", along with an increasing tendency by the phenomena to behave in a way that can only be described as "intelligent" and capable of following individuals in a manner that can only be described as "surveillance".

The Team Orb has even in its studies found that it is being prompted to create devices of unknown intention, by interacting with the orb phenomena, and have concluded that some distant interdimensional or alien species appears somehow to be attempting to contact humanity in a manner that is well beyond our present day science and technology.

During past visits to the NJ Vortex Judaic, Christian, Russian Orthodox and Sikh Religious and Spiritual Leaders have all discovered the same phenomena, behavior and intelligence there. An open invitation to the Vatican and to leaders of Islam, have not yet been responded to, but an alleged emissary from the Vatican has sent messages to the team encouraging consideration of any non-human species in the Universe as being "children of God, too".

For more information, please go to http://www.orbsite.

Some interesting pictures from a recent scientific conference in Denver, Co. which was attended by Team Orb members, and during which it was discovered that orbs from the NJ Vortex had apparently followed the Team to said conference (bear in mind that only the technological portion of these visitors can be seen in camera light, during ordinary circumstances, and that the actual aliens which have been captured on film by Team Orb required very special synchronized lighting at the NJ Vortex, due to the effects of their remote observation technology at work):

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