Family 'kill and eat cousin'

Four relatives at a wedding reception killed and ate their cousin for touching the bride's bottom.

The horrific incident took place in Narra in the Philippines and involved the bride's father, brother, nephew and another cousin.

According to reports the victim, Benji Ganay, accidentally brushed against the newlywed's bottom, enraging the other family members.

Ganay was dragged away from the other guests, stabbed to death, and then taken to the kitchen where his body was roasted and partially devoured.

However, after eating as much as they could, the four men proceeded to serve the leftovers to unsuspecting guests.

Police officer, Perla Bacuel, who was called to the scene said: "The other guests didn't know what they were eating because they were so drunk."

All four men are now being held for murder and due to stand trial later this year.