A Real Couch Potato

A 34-stone American woman who had not left her sofa in six years died this week after becoming fused to the fabric.

Gail Grinds, 40, whose skin had actually grown into the cushions of the seat, passed away in hospital after paramedics attempted to cut her out of it.

Emergency services had originally been called to Gail's home in Florida after she complained of suffering from breathing difficulties.

Fire-fighters at the scene knocked down the wall of her house to get her out, while paramedics attempted to remove her from her seat.

According to reports, the foul stench coming from the house was so bad fresh air had to be blasted into the room so emergency workers could breathe.

After failing to get her off the chair, Gail was eventually towed away on a trailer, still attached to the sofa.

Gail's widowed husband, Herman, claims his wife would never let him make her get up.

The 56-year-old said: "She wouldn't ever let me pull her off the couch."

Police have now sealed off the house and began questioning family members over possible charges of neglect.

source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk