'Dad' Phones While at His Funeral

What about the man who was late for his own funeral and scared into thinking they were talking to him from beyond the grave.

Family and friends of Dane Squires had gathered at a Toronto funeral home to mourn the retired welder from Newfoundland, whom they believed had been hit by a train.

As relatives were watching the casket being loaded into a hearse, his daughter Trina was informed she had an important phone call.

To the stunned girls amazement her father was on the other end, according to aus.com.

Understandably the poor girl lost it an according to mourners Trina just blurted out 'There's a ghost talking to me on the phone. Please somebody try to make sense out of this because I'm losing my mind'."

Dane Squires had been initially identified as the victim of a commuter train accident.

The body had been discovered badly mutilated, but the description fitted Mr Squires, and it turned out that the authorities had not correctly identified the victim.

Gilbert Squires the victims brother was reported as saying that Dane Squires had gone to his sister's house and that whoever answered the door collapsed at the sight of seeing a dead man standing at the door.

Apparently Dane only became aware of the confusion when he read his own obituary in a newspaper.

Mr Squire's sister had identified the dead man as her brother after viewing the body at the coroner's office earlier in the week, according to Toronto police.

source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk