‘Live Corpse’ kept in Glass Coffin

THE body of a 17-year-old Vietnamese boy has lain in a glass coffin in his family for 36 years after a local medicine man told his grieving parents he was still alive.

The boy's younger brother, Dinh Huu Tri, said that although no preservatives had been used, the corpse had remained mostly intact ever since it was dug up three days after burial, the state-controlled Vietnam News reported.

The teenager died in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War in the southern province of An Giang after battling a long illness. He was buried according to normal custom but a local shaman told his father that he was still alive.

Tri said that although his parents did not really believe the claims they dug up the body anyway and have kept it inside the family home ever since.

Tri said his father had asked him not to let anybody outside of the family see the coffin to avoid bringing bad luck on the household.

Local officials knew about the secret but turned a blind eye, the English language daily said.

source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk