Oh! the News

Jerusalem- After a man suffered through the tough death of his seventy-year-old mother, he kept her body cold in a refrigerator until science could bring her back to life. "It was hard for me, but it was her wish." claimed the man

Charlottesville, Virginia- Federal Agents searched an man's house because they believed he possessed illegal drugs. They searched everywhere, and were about to assume that he moved, when they heard a noise coming from the frige. They looked inside and there was the man, calmly drinking a soda.

Sandusky, Ohio- A man was charged with negligent assult after he shot his wife's hat thinking it was a rat. The hat was on his wife's head at the time. The same man had previously shot himself in the foot while trying to shoot a rat.

Kansas- A man was charged with holding up a shoe store. He stole about 70$ in shoes. At his trial the man showed up wearing the boots he stole, with the tags still on. He was found guilty and the shoes were returned to the store.

Tennessee- An inmate escaped from jail and led police on a long chase sometimes reaching 150 mph. When he was caught he stated that he intended to turn himself in all along. He was driving fast because he wanted to get far enough ahead from the police to make it clear he was going to stop.

Bangkok, Thailand- After stealing a woman's purse, a man ran into a building that he thought was a Buddhist Temple. He figured that he couldn't be arrested in there. Unfortunately for him the building was a police station. He was arrested.

Redondo Beach, California- Police noticed a man driving his car, and they assumed he was drunk. Not becasue he was meandering, but because he had the top of a traffic light pole (including the lights) across the hood of his car. When questioned he said, "I thought the lights came with the car."

Woburn, Massachusetts- A baptist church was caught luring children in with pizza, and then baptizing them without parental consent.

Sanger, Texas- Four teenagers were arrested after breaking into a funeral home. They had planned to find embalming fluid, dip their cigarettes in it, and smoke it. Since they could find no fluid, they substituted a finger from the corpse for their cigarettes (and smoked it).

Pikeville, Kentucky- A bank robber was easily caught by surveillance cameras. He thought rubbing citric acid on his face would blur the picture, as you can obviously tell, it didn't work.

Ogden, Utah- A man wearing a clown costume went to a mechanic's trailer. The clown asked for a woman named Kathy. After the mechanic denied knowing a person named Kathy, the clown accused him of having an affair with her, and hit him over the head with a lamp. The clown was never found

Wandsworth, England- Karl Watkin was sentenced to eighteen months in prison after trying to have sex with a sidewalk. Three years later he was sentenced to six years for stimulating sexual intercourse with garbage bags. Later that year he commited suicide in his cell.

Appleton, Wisconsin- Darrell Voeks stole $100,000 worth of pigs to help pay for breast implants for his favorite stripper at a club. He got ten years in prison.

Key West, Florida- One restaurant owner killed another during a argument over how to put silverware into a dishwasher correctly.

Grande Ronde, Oregon- Sixty-seven-year-old Arthur Mooney died of a heart attack in the Spirit Mountain Casino. While his body lay right there on the floor for an hour, the other customers continued to play the slot machines. They pulled his body away the next day.

Scarborough, England- A totaled ford was found at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff in 1996. No sign of the driver was found, just a pile of human feces on the drivers seat.

Stockholm, Sweden- Customs officers noticed a woman that wouldn't stop scratching her chest. They were kind, and didn't mention anything, at first, but she never stopped. They searched her and found 75 live snakes that she was trying to smuggle.

Mount Shasta, California- Joy Glassman was a loving mother. She always wanted her sons to succeed in life. Then she went to far. Her sons grew up to be firemen, and joy intentionally set fires to help their careers. After five fires in one month she was arrested for arson.

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